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  • The new plan of the McKay-Carter Midway Station is under way. The Atlantis Team needs to harvest space gates in order to form the Galactic Bridge. Sheppard disagrees with McKay's plan to steal the gates and they go in for first contact with the "back water hamlets" as McKay calls it. As they walk into the city, they are greeted by a man called Lucius, who has the locals eating out of his hand. Everyone is hanging on this man's every word and so is Carson. He's completely smitten with him and Lucius now knows the location and the thriving existence of Atlantis. It appears, as Lucius explains, that he has an herb that makes him appealing to everyone. He later on exploits this until the locals experience withdrawal symptoms from the herb and they grow sick. Everyone in Atlantis is smitten and do what ever he wishes. Sheppard has totally had it and kidnaps Carson and forces him to make an antidote, while he is still in withdrawal.

  • Sheppard and the team continue their visits to new planets. McKay is tired of all these visits and is keen on implementing a series of gates that will allow them to travel from Atlantis to Earth in a mere 30 minutes without using the power of a ZPM or the two weeks it takes them on the Daedalus. He takes a somewhat different tack however when he sees all of the very friendly young women in the village. Their leader, Lucius Lavin, seems to be a very affable sort and has the locals eating out of their hands. He claims to be an apothecary of sorts and have a cure for every disease, which is certainly of interest to Dr. Beckett. Lavin is invited to Atlantis and soon everyone, including Elizabeth Weir and McKay have fallen victim to his charms. It's left to Sheppard to sort it all out.


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  • Sheppard's team meets an obnoxious man who is adored by all thanks to a secret that he carries -- and who has an unexpected affect on them.

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