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TheCloser1731 December 2018
This, in my opinion, is one of THE worst MST3K episodes. The movie was so bad in many ways, that it was hard for Joel and the bots to even riff on it, let alone for them to be very funny riffs. The only thing good to say about Mad Monster is that the host segments were very improved compared to episodes 1 and 2, especially the host segment where Servo falls in love. I would suggest to skip this movie and only watch it if you want to watch the whole complete series, otherwise it's not worth it, except the host segments.
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Now I Know What Everyone's Talking About
WakenPayne27 February 2011
This Is The First Time I Have Ever Seen MS3K...I LOVE IT!! The Movie That They Chose Is Nothing But Utter Awfulness(Its Going In My Top 10 Least Favourite Movies For Sure) & The Radar Men From The Moon Is Also F##king Weird. At First Glance I'm Going To Go Out On A Limb & Say That This Show Is Low Budget...Don't Get Mad I Think The Same Thing About The Radar Men From Outer Space & The Mad Monster Too. All In All This Is A Show That I Will Definitely Watch Another Episode For. I Really Ask Myself...Why Don't They Bring Back This Show? The Apocalypse Of Movies Has Begun So Why Don't They Get A New Release & Slag The F##king Hell Out Of It? I Would LOVE That!
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