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A Bloody Masterpiece!
msperling7 November 2006
Dexter will never disappoint. Each and every episode is a work of art, and it never gets boring or old. To start, we have excellent deliveries from Michael C. Hall as the serial killer (yet a like-able one) known as Dexter Morgan. Add "The Excorcism Of Emily Rose" star Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter's sometimes moody sister, Deb.

It's a hard accomplishment to get someone to actually love a serial killer. But Dexter is one of those few attempts that works. It's not forced upon you- the show doesn't shove the whole "well this serial killer had a terrible childhood..." in your face. And it doesn't need to in order to get you to love its main character. You just do.

Michael C. Hall can play any emotion he's handed. Jennifer Carpenter fits her character perfectly, as does everyone else in the cast.

Then there's the actual story lines. It's not cliché. It's actually scary and chilling. It keeps you guessing. It's one of those mysteries that is very difficult to solve, but it still keeps your interest.

'Dexter' can also be hilarious when it wants to be, depressing when it wants to be and especially thrilling when it wants to be. And it doesn't come across as trying too hard.

Strong writing, clever dialogue, talented stars. It all makes for a wonderful TV show. Definitely the best new show of the season and will become one of the best shows of all time.
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Addictive...had to get showtime after a taste on the freeview weekend!
amcrawford30 October 2006
Dexter is the show I have been waiting for my whole television watching life! The complex and damaged characters, the twisted plot line and Dexter's foster dad grooming him, educating him, to make him the perfect avenger,its all so intoxicating! I am breathlessly anticipating the next episode. This show is not only well acted, with each and every main character holding my full attention, but written with such deep intensity that I find it absolutely irresistible! I really find it difficult to wait and see more of how Dex was traumatized as a child, more of Harry's lessons, more of the growing relationship with Rita, more of the ice truck killer, more forensics...More of this great show period. Kudos to all involved...this show will surely be a huge hit!
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A wonderful new look at the crime drama.
infiniter-11 October 2006
I read Lindsay's excellent books - Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter - some time ago, and when I heard that there was to be a series based on the books, I was extremely excited. So much so, in fact, that I feared disappointment merely because my standards were so high.

Thankfully, "Dexter" absolutely delivers. The show maintains the uncomfortable atmosphere of the novels with better fidelity than one could ever have expected, and Dexter (played by Hall) is all there.

The visual elements from the show are stunning, to say the least. Disturbing, certainly, but more than that - fascinating. Watching the show, it's impossible to keep from finding a certain agreement in oneself for Dexter. He's a monster, and yet it's completely possible to identify with him.

10 out of 10. This one has a permanent spot on my DVR.
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jlt32011 October 2006
Absolutely brilliant. True to Jeff Lindsay's books. The visual contrast between the darkness of Dexter's secret life and and the gloss of Miami adds an almost surreal quality. Character development is right on the money, bringing out the background slowly so one can see the development of Dexter's sociopath personality and his confusion of human behavior compared to his own. Dexter is an actor in his own life; his relationships between co-workers and his personal life are well shown in the video media. The fact that he is a blood splatter expert This is a dark work, but set in the bizarre world of life in Miami is almost believable. Developers of this series should also look to Andrew Vachss's books.
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I just could'not sleep !!
gauravkainth28 April 2010
This is going to be my first ever review on IMDb, there is not a day when I do not visit IMDb to check the reviews about movies or TV series that I watch, I watch lots of movies and series.

For the first time in my life it happened to me that I could not sleep after watching a series. I have seen prison break, heroes and a lot other. Prison break and heroes first season was awesome. They inspired me so much that I got some tattoo's done on my body. However both these series cut loose as soon they go to the next season. Heroes was big disappointment but DEXTER.. OMG series after series it starts to make me so curious about the next episode.. damn the season 4. I just could not sleep the whole night after watching it. I spent my weekend watching the episodes back to back.

To start with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) his darkness was off the edge he played the role so well that sometimes I wonder if he is the same in his real life but then I found that Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) is his real wife who is playing his sister in this series. Damn Debra is one character who is so confused and mostly been controlled by the people around her, she always end up doing something wrong but always gets credit for the good things too.

I love the part when you get to know what is going on in Dexters mind when he thinks about something or when someone is talking to him also the part when he talks to his dead father Harry. (he just thinks what his dad would say in that situation). All the episodes/characters and all the seasons are written and played so well that you can hardly find any flaw in it.

My favorite characters are Dexter (Quite obvious), Rita and Vince Masuka damn Vince is so funny, he just utter one word in his entire episode and comes out to be damn funny.

I just cant wait for the Season 5 and I am sure whosoever watched dexter feels the same way just like I did.

(Apologizes in case my first review has some mistakes and offends somebody's feelings)
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lootmeg22 October 2006
Dexter, a forensics expert at day, serial killer with a touch of vigilantism at night. Dexter is creating a believable and very detailed portrait of a, lets say troubled, sociopath. One of the parts about the show I like best is the emotions that normal people exhibit, thus forcing Dexter to mimic them. Good laugh when the emotions Dexter fake get real, and he is scared out of his mind, like in the relationship with his "girlfriend" Rita, mother of two and victim of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Also liked the acting of Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter's sister Debra, adds a nice touch colour to the show, without drifting into clichés.

Thrilling story, many details, and one of the best opening sequences ever.
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And the Emmy go to...
johnnybangs27 October 2006
Between Dexter and Weeds, Showtime has a corner on the original new shows market. Not only are both of these shows completely original and innovative, but they are REALLY good.

Dexter, in particular, should not be reviewed by anyone who hasn't seen more than three episodes. I almost feel as if the first episode in the series is a tad-bit melodramatic (note Dexter screaming in the face of his first victim) just to pull in viewers that otherwise need something more visceral than a great screenplay.

By two more episodes the viewer should be absolutely intoxicated by the complexity of the character Dexter and the acting of Michael C. Hall. His own co-stars admit to being almost "scared" by how well Hall absorbs his character. Personally, I think that without Hall's mastery of Dexter there would be nothing to watch. Don't get me wrong, the plot of this show is extremely intriguing (and original, to be redundant), but the excitement lies purely in the way Dexter/Hall responds to A) his girlfriend, B) blood, and C) other serial killers.

I think that it is very reasonable to chuckle at Dexter's attempts to "fit in" social situations and I believe the writers of this show planned on it. What I am still stuck on, however, is whether or not to cheer Dexter on in his methodology (serial killing serial killers). This had better be the first of many seasons, so spread the word...

...Edit: I watched this series finale last night and come back to this review (which I wrote after the conclusion of Season 1) with my hat in hand to say: "I'm kind of sorry for the hype."

If my review was the impetus for your 'Dexter' obsession (I, too, was obsessed) then I owe you an apology for the way it all ended. Sure, sure, I couldn't have known how poorly written the resolution of this once-magnificent series would be. But, you see, I shouted praises for this show from roof-tops...telling every friend who would engage me in discussion about pop-culture that they NEEDED TO WATCH DEXTER, it's the greatest drama on television!

Alas, I will not leave any spoilers here and if you've come along the journey with me then you will undoubtedly watch how it all ends, but I write this edit in vain so that you, internet friend, cannot say that I didn't warn you: 'Dexter' leaves me wanting a real ending.
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Oodles of Potential.....
vilasia27 September 2006
HBO Actors, HBO Directors, HBO Writers, and Showtime's willingness to take risks that HBO might not see as profitable these days (Carnivale + Deadwood R.I.P.) make for a killer combination in "Dexter," the new Sho Comedy/Drama about a Serial Killer Killing Serial Killer (you read right). In my opinion, Showtime has always had a hard time producing an original series that's truly original and good, so it's incredibly refreshing to see the network pull such a "Hail Mary" move and come out on top. "Dexter" is, without spoiling anything, an excellent vehicle for Michael C. Hall, and explores the inner monologue of a Serial Killer in a way that has never been approached before without seeming too predictable or hokey. Watch it and you will not be disappointed. You'll even want to watch the next episode, which says a lot considering the network. I just hope they don't screw it up.
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Lazertron13 November 2006
Although I am not a regular proponent of serial television shows, the eclectic, in-depth storyline and character development in Dexter are far beyond what I expected from Showtime or any network other than HBO. Dexter is a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer protected by his occupation as well as the lessons derived from his father's teachings. By having a resounding premise of catching a notorious serial killer while trying to conceal his own identity, Dexter enters each week with a new sociological dilemma as well as a new criminal to dispatch. What is best about Dexter is his own personal facade of trying to be normal. While other characters in the show are obviously dysfunctional, the audience are privileged to see the flaws of Dexter while people within his own world cannot. Darkly humorous, well-paced, and morbidly addictive Dexter is the best show of 2006, without a doubt.
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Hilarious show! Dark, dry humor with CSI's ...
stonealee25 October 2006
Dexter is hilarious; it is easily the best new show on TV! Dark, dry humor crops up in the most unexpected places, and the settings and dialogue are laced with CSI's pseudo-scientific appeal. While the show may appear to treat standard morality as irreverent, it is actually an excellent study of humanity at its best -- and worse.

The character of Dexter, a disassociated, psychopathic serial killer, is somewhat reminiscent of Data, the android in the Star Trek series. Dexter is devoid of normal, human emotion, and has to learn behaviors by rote. Seeing the world through his eyes enables us to closely examine what is "right" and what is "wrong." We have to pause and wonder about our own perception of reality.

Overall, the show is a side-splitting outlet for the vigilante/serial killer/dysfunctional being in all of us. Well done!
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I just love this series!
pprovoost10 March 2011
I've just seen the finale of season 5 of Dexter and man...! What a series! This is writing at his best! I just love Michael C. Hall plays his part. His does it so well, it completely let you forget that he played the role of David in Six Feet Under (my favorite of all time-series!). And all the characters in the five seasons are really wonderful, but I especially liked Julia Stiles. She's playing her part very nice!! Lithgow in season 4 does his part only as he can do and it works fine for me! Can't wait 'till he returns! (he must return!!) Here in Holland "Dexter" airs on a non-commercial canal en mostly about 23.00 h. at night. Nobody in Holland heard of this series, unless they watch in online or on DVD. And that's a pity... I can't wait until season 6.... Keep on the good work!
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The Best Show on TV
emvan23 October 2006
After four episodes, I'm ready to proclaim this the best show currently on TV, one that may someday rank with the likes of _The Sopranos_ and the first season of _Twin Peaks_ as a contender for the second best TV show ever (after the incomparable _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_; one of the show's producers and writers is former Buffy writer Drew Z. Greenberg, and the cast includes Buffy / Angel mainstay Julie Benz).

Dexter is a sociopath, someone with no human feelings and hence no natural, inner moral compass, and he has an unquenchable blood lust that drives him to kill. But he had the great grace to have been the adopted child of a police officer, who (as we see in terrific flashbacks) successfully instilled in him a complete moral code, which he adheres to on a strictly intellectual level. This is an utterly brilliant concept (which I assume derives from the novels it's based on), one that allows the writers to explore the nature of moral behavior and of what it means to be human (Dexter is, in a sense, an alien).

Another thing the show is doing brilliantly is moving at different speeds in parallel. There is a primary apparent season-long story arc (concerning a cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and a serial killer), and a a secondary arc involving Dexter's sister's police career. The first handful of episodes include a very powerful completed arc concerning one of Dexter's police colleagues and a local crime lord, while two of the four episodes so far have also included a self-contained story spliced among (and playing off) the ongoing ones. I've seen the future of TV season structuring, and this is it.

While the writing isn't quite up to the brilliance of the best of _House_, it's been excellent. The cast and production are terrific. The only reason you wouldn't want to watch this utterly brilliant show is the frequent use of extremely graphic images: there have probably been more severed body parts shown in these first four episodes than in the first four episodes of every other TV show on the air combined. If you can stomach that, tune it for a mesmerizing look at what makes us human -- or inhuman.
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It was great at the beginning... Then it was confusing. Then it's just bad.
adriane-cristina-fagunde21 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Season 1 (10/10): Great.

Season 2 (9/10): Great.

Season 3 (6/10): Boring. That... Manuel, Miguel... Something Prado is awful. He's just not interesting AT ALL. I didn't like Laila in season 2, but she seemed like a goddess after M. Prado. The whole storyline it's just ZzzZZZz.

Season 4 (10/10): Awesome. Great villain and dialogs, great plot twists, great season. There's not much more to say.

Season 5 (8/10): Good. I understand why so many people didn't like this season, the fact that Dexter was confused about so much and that is not something very believable considering his psychopathy. However, I love Lumen and I love the villains (which is also not a popular opinion). I was more interested in Lumen and her story than I was in Dexter's affairs and contradictions, so maybe that's why I do like the season.

Season 6 (6/10): Good. However... This one is a little tricky... I did like the characters, I did like the villain and all, I didn't mind Dexter's doubts and questions about religion and all as much as other people did. BUT, there is a major flaw in this season even for people who didn't bother by the theme: It leads NOWHERE. The only thing that does lead to something happened at the end of the last episode AND it could have happened in any other episode of any other season. The storyline has no purpose and adds nothing for the character of Dexter. I guess the best word for it is pointless.

Season 7 (8/10): I'm only giving an 8 for this one because of Isaak Sirko. I loved the guy and I think he went away waaay too soon. This season - because of Isaak - had a great potential. Good character, good story, great involvement with Dexter, great development of both of them. They could've explored these two and made season 7 as great as the first or fourth. But instead, they gave us Hannah... Boring, boring character (even more than Miguel Prado), dumb storyline, terrible writing... Never understood why she didn't die in Dexter's table. Sure as hell didn't understand why they ended up having sex and... liking each other? Really? Whenever she was on screen, I felt like turning off the TV or skipping the scene. Which would lead me to not watch most of the season. Sirko would have been so much more interesting to develop and to watch... It's just a frustrating season.

Season 8 (3/10): And if you didn't get enough of Hannah, here comes some more! Except this time, she is not the only thing wrong with the season. I'll try to be short here because if you watch this season the reasons of why it's terrible just pops up in front of you.

About Dexter during the season: It seems like Disney was right all along and that true love conquers all. Even cures psychopathy!

Debra: Really? After everything? After SO MUCH has happened to her, all the good development of character in every possible way... That's how she ends up? Her ending seems forced and untrue. I just don't buy it at all.

About Dexter in the last episode: So... Because of Debra's oh-so-convincing-ending he decides that he will pretend to be dead so no one else gets hurt because of him, huh?... But he stopped killing hence not making enemies, which would make it almost impossible for something bad to happen to anyone else because of him... Plus every enemy he had before is already dead... Huh... Why is that clever again? He ends up alone Wolverine-Origins style for no good reason whatsoever. Hannah is a freaking fugitive and he thinks Harrison is better off with her? I just don't see why he thought he would put them in danger if he went away with them since he wouldn't kill anymore and that was what put people in danger before.

Another major flaw is that NO ONE ELSE GETS AN ENDING. Quinn and Batista and how they were after the Morgan's death, how they handle the fact that Debra's body just went missing, if Batista ever retired after all that and kept his restaurant. How Queen got over the loss of someone he loved so much and if he was okay or I don't know, got depressed and started drinking and stuff. Just give us something! At least La Guerta got an ending. Those two were just ignored, like they weren't an important part of the story considering they were there almost always.

Plus, ever since season one those "very common huge storms" from Miami were mentioned, what? Once? And all of a sudden it's there the day Dexter was suppose to leave also giving him the best opportunity to grab his sister's bed off of the hospital without grabbing anyone's attention (Seriously?).

It's just bad.
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Finally, The Sopranos void has been filled!
user-5822516 June 2009
I recently bought Season 1 of Dexter in an attempt to finally find a show worthy of replacing The Sopranos as my number one TV drama obsession. Boy, did I find it. Despite taking a few episodes to really get going, Dexter unfolds superbly, bringing its many plot twists together to form a tightly woven package with highly skilled performances and excellent writing.

The central performance of Michael C. Hall is always riveting, as this compelling actor enables us to understand, and even sympathize with, his many predicaments. His attempts to juggle his carefully-constructed, idyllic domestic life with his code-driven nightly stalkings and executions form the central interest of this enthralling series. This is one of the great many reasons why The Sopranos was so impressive; watching Tony struggle with the demands of fulfilling his dual familial role of father and mob boss was the essence of the series, and from this, other strands were allowed to develop. Dexter also has this quality, one of many qualities, it must be added.

The writing, as has been mentioned, is razor-sharp. The characters are rich and alive with personality, and as the first series develops so too do the character arcs. Lieutenant LaGuerta and Dexter's sister Deborah, in particular, are well-rounded, multi-dimensional creations, and they are played to perfection by Lauren Velez and Jennifer Carpenter, respectively. There is a palpable sense of tension and excitement as the walls begin to close in on Dexter, and this reaches boiling point in Season 2. The plot is never less than intriguing, and careful and intelligent use of flashbacks allow us to gradually learn more and more about the monster(?) that is Dexter. The editing and camera-work keep a good pace to proceedings, and the lighting is always excellent, especially in the disturbing night scenes.

The impressive opening sequence is particularly noteworthy in its use of extreme close-ups that show a man doing seemingly normal, everyday tasks to put himself together, but if one looks beyond these mundanities a much darker picture will be revealed. The music is eerily effective here, and maintains a high level of quality throughout - always tense, and evocative of the given situation.

So: uniformly excellent acting, sharp dialogue, well-developed characters, intelligent plotting, creative and absorbing camera-work, and a deliciously dark humour make Dexter one of the best shows on TV right now, and further proof that the last 10 years has been the golden age for dramatic television.
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All Around BRILLIANT Show!
amaudet-221 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a long time since The Showtime Network served as HBO's b!tch thanks to a trinity of fantastic shows like Weeds or Californication, but Dexter is the perhaps the king of Showtime's programming hill.

I am currently mid-season 2, but this show seems to just be getting better. There are moments when I find Dexter, the mass serial killer, absolutely adorable. Yet he is tainting my view of the other characters. I constantly find myself wondering which character is rotten to the core - I just haven't seen that one moment that reveals them yet. I find myself wondering if it's the brilliant writing that makes it seem as if evil people gravitate towards one another seamlessly, while good seems to scare people away.

Are there other good characters? No, not really. But somehow the cast supports the massive weight of Dexter as he lives by Harry's code and only succumbs to his inner monster for the purpose of ridding the world of people just like him, except his killing "Them" is somehow innocent.

This show has great plot potential and story development because Dexter is still somehow childlike. When the show begins Dexter is unable to handle intimacy with his shattered girlfriend Rita. In Season 2 the sex scenes are so steamy they should only be watched while sitting on vinyl sofacovers (the kind Grandma has in the good sitting room).

I'm just a new fan to the series, but if you're looking up Dexter maybe you haven't had the experience of watching this yet. It's worth every minute. Especially when you realize that Dexter is not only becoming more human as he starts to really "feel" for the first time, but he's also becoming a more cunning and less "innocent" killer.
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Wasn't expecting it to be this good...
kmteam12 August 2009
All my friends kept telling me how great this show was, but I never made time to watch it.

Finally started watching it from the beginning, and was hooked immediately - GREAT writing, GREAT acting, great storyline. Never expected to find a cable show about a serial killer that actually had any depth.

Never watched "six feet under" but Michael C. Hall is so good in Dexter that I'm thinking of watching SFU just to see if he was as good in that series.

Kudos to all the folks involved. Can't wait for season 4!
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The way dexter should of ended
monarogto25 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In the last episode everything was good until dexter and Saxon meet up in the hospital. What should of happened is dexter should of came into the hospital and seen everyone attention on the guy bleeding went after Saxon. however dexter would of beaten Saxon to deb room an hidden once Saxon entered an was standing over deb about to kill her dexter would of injected him from behind and snuck him out of the hospital, since everyone was concerned with the guy bleeding. Then dexter would of taken him back to Saxon kill room an did a classic last dexter kill with photos etc. However he wouldn't of enjoyed it like he use to, his mind would be on starting a family.

Meanwhile in the hospital deb would wake up an Quinn would propose to her with the ring he kept and she would say f$&@ing yes. Then dexter could of wrecked the boat as a sign of his killing days are over (after disposing of Saxon body) and would of met Hannah and Harrison.

That way deb an dexter have got a new start.
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Jumping to the front of the band wagon
NelsonJoshAlden26 September 2013
What a series, great series, July arrived and we all sat down to watch season 8.

At the beginning of season 8 I was hopeful, mixed emotions for characters such as Zach Hamilton and Evelyn Vogel, but overall I was enjoying it, then this finale was scheduled, so I watched it.

First of all I would like to say sorry to the people who have watched and waited for every single Dexter episode and season, as in they watched the first ever episode on its release date. Unlike me, I got the season packs and just watched from season 1 to 7. Anyway, I can only imagine what it is like to finish your 8 years of love for this series, with this finale, You would kind of feel it was a little bit wasted after all those great episodes.

The thing is with the finale is, I kind of wanted to feel sad, I couldn't because the ending was so, so, so rushed. I remember a series by the name of "Last Resort" Huge potential, looked great, but the final episode was rushed.

When you enjoy the majority of the previous seasons of Dexter, you kind of feel the writers are perfectly capable of doing it again for the last season. I understand that there was a change in writers for this season compared the earlier ones, The older writers must be sitting on there stacks of cash laughing down at the below par season 8. Thing is with series' its a marathon, not a sprint.

Right now there's not much we can do other than move onto the other series', however I kind of hope they just remake season 8. Someone suggested Dexter: Returns, which seemed silly but I could see a writer seeing that potential gap in the market and seizing it. I know for sure i'd watch it.

More about why season 8 was below par; The Hannah and Dexter combination was not working for me, I didn't see too much chemistry, I couldn't get myself to liking her other than the fact she's quite hot. When you look back at season 8 you can honestly say "It's not like the previous ones".

As much as I would love to blurt out all the spoilers and explain how horribly they are portrayed, I cant. Everyone who has completed the series knows what went wrong, and to the people who are trying to say it's actually good. No.

Goodbye Dexter.
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A brilliant ride, and my utmost favourite above all others, but I myself get off at Season 4.
Infinitify31 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just going to break this down by season, keep it simple.

Season 1 / 9/10: Brilliant opening season. Awkward Dexter is best Dexter, and you're really inside the characters head. The second best antagonist throughout the series is also featured here, with strong performances all round. The writing is great, the humour is even better, and the whole season fits together. I honestly can't pick one quote for this incredible season, but if I had to... ''You can't be a killer and a hero... it doesn't work that way!''

Season 2 / 9/10: The premise of the BHB investigation is solid, and the investigation ran by Doakes on Dexter is even better. The way the season unravels is great, besides the slight deus ex Lila in the finale. Unfortunately, the finale isn't as good as the episodes before it in terms of tension. Besides that, another brilliant season. ''I just know there's something dark in me and I hide it. I certainly don't talk about it, but it's there always, this Dark Passenger. And when he's driving, I feel alive.''

Season 3 / 8/10: I love this season, though it was never going to live up to Season 1/2. It's very important in terms of the character development of Dexter Morgan. Jimmy Smits is great, but the side plot and antagonist were only good, and not great, unlike in past seasons. ''I killed my brother... I killed yours too.''

Season 4 / 10/10: This is the final season in my eyes, and it has a fitting enough ending for me to be satisfied with to call a series finale. John Lithgow is terrifying. The writing is sharp. Lundy's death is shocking. Rita's death is beyond shocking. Everything about Season 4 is on point. ''I thought I could change who I am, keep my family safe. But it doesn't matter what I do, what I choose... I'm whats wrong. This is fate.''

I really don't feel like reviewing Seasons 5-8. It's not that 5,6 and 7 are bad, it's just that they completely destroy the character of Dexter. They give a psychopath feelings, and that's a MAJOR misstep. This is all the result of Clyde Phillips leaving the show, and he being replaced by incompetent writers.

Season 5 / 7/10: Straight up bad ending. Characters forgetting they have evidence against a serial killer. Terrible villains. Writing is still surprisingly good.

Season 6 / 6/10: Writing is straight up bad. The protagonist is terribly portrayed and written. Terrible twist in episode 9. Great ending, but that's about it.

Season 7 / 7/10: It would be higher rated, but it is ruined by Hannah's inclusion, and the death of Isaak way too early.

Season 8 / 2/10: Terrible. Treadmills. Dumping loved one's in the ocean. Standing outside a cafe, stalking a serial killer, and wondering why he saw you when you stood in one place for AN ENTIRE HOUR. TERRIBLE SEASON. SCOTT BUCK SHOULD NEVER GET WORK AGAIN. Utterly atrocious.

It's a great ride watching all 8 seasons, but if you really love the show and really respect the character, you'll probably only watch seasons 1-4 if you decide to rewatch.
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"A Showtime Masterpiece"
bluimes19 October 2009
First of all, I would like to note that I'm not really the guy who likes to write comments on TV-shows, movies or anything like that. I prefer to watch a particular movie or show and move on. However, I find my self writing this comment and while doing that I realize that it is only a show like Dexter, or these few that are equally of quality to this one.

To see Michal C. Hall return on the screen every episode is just something I'm totally looking out for. This is from the moment when I first watched the show. Now I'm going to be honest, I live in the Netherlands and so Showtime is not available here. One of our national networks told us that they have plans to broadcast Dexter this year starting with season one. I keep following Dexter on the net through the so inevitable but unfortunately called "illegal" ways. This I'm doing since the end of season two when my brother told me about the show. By that time, no one of my friends ever heard of this show. At the end of season three, we kind of where making appointments with my friends to specifically watch a particular episode of Dexter. Me myself most of the times am getting up at 4 am just to be first to download it when ever it is released. Then later on the day, have some good time with my friends enjoying this magnificent show. Even two of my girlfriends love the show, and these are not really the girls where you would expect it from. Embrace the effect of Dexter on my life, my friends their lives all our lives. Or like the tag line says, "Takes life. Seriously" It sure as hell took my life, seriously!

To go a little deeper on why I think it is such a great show has the following reasons. Personally I just like crime and police shows. As long as it is no where like CSI Miami, CSI NY or CSI season 258. That I don't like. I like a show to be original, a show with a sick twist even better. For instance, "Californication" in my opinion, Original, nice and has in a way that same sick twist like Dexter has. (alright both made by Showtime, true) If you like the show in a way I do then you might agree that after a few episodes you connect with Dexter in way like it is normal. Some regular guy from two blocks further who has a good job at where ever that maybe.

It is the possibility that it could be your friend, your neighbour or maybe a family member. Of course, this has all to do with the personal view you get from Dexter. Any other serial killer in any other show most of the times only share there motives for slaughtering there number of people. For instance, there are not many nice serial killers in the show "Criminal Minds".

So I guess it is his lovely wife Rita, played far beyond excellent by Julie Benz or his "damaged-in-her-own-way" sister Debra played by his real life wife, Jennifer Carpenter.

The smaller but surely not lesser roles like Vince Masuka, Angel Batista and his other colleagues which make the series so complete. It is that doing his all day routines with out really pulling attention of anyone in his surroundings of who he really is. The idea that it actually could be possible to kill bad people, slaughter them, enjoy it and still get away with it.

The series are original, one of a kind... "A Showtime masterpiece"
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Greatest show on TV.
ah-andy30 November 2010
When I watched the first few episodes of Dexter, I was not impressed to say the least. But boredom pushed me into watching the rest of season one; and my god, it was the best decision I have ever made.

The show is full with surprises and unexpected twists, you never know what will happen next, or how it will happen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. And to spice it up, throw in a couple of a dark humor here and there, and you got yourself one of the best TV shows ever.

Dexter is a brilliant character, portrayed beautifully by Michael Hall. It's not easy to like a serial killer, it's even immoral; but he has this sort of attraction that you can't dodge. You'll immediately fall in love with the character as he is one of a kind.

Debra is perfect for a secondary role, she's somewhat the complete opposite of Dexter, and her outgoing, not-afraid-to-say anything personality makes her character shine.

In the end, Dexter is a terrific TV show, and I urge everybody to go watch it.
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Best tv series
srijaysaraf29 December 2018
Want to erase my memory and watch it again,,,,,,,,
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So Good! My Favorite Show on TV (as of 2011)
rockgodicus17 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't really give the perfect 10/10 rating to a lot of titles unless they really blow me away. This blew me away and still continues to do so.

I am new to Dexter (only watched a couple seasons so far) and I didn't know what to expect when I first watched the show. I was hoping for something I could watch weekly on TV without worries at all. I decided to buy the show on DVD so I bought the first two seasons and wow.

In case you don't know what Dexter is, Dexter is about a Miami blood splatter analyst named Dexter Morgan (who is played by Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under and Gamer). By day, he is, like I said already, a charming, funny and quite popular blood splatter analyst with the Miami Metro Police Department. At night, he's a serial killer murdering the criminals that got away.

He also hangs out with his girlfriend, Rita (played by Julie Benz from Rambo (2008) and that No Ordinary Family show) and her two kids, Astor and Cody. His only family is his sister Deb (played by Jennifer Carpenter from Quarantine) who works at the Miami Police Department like Dexter as a cop.

This show is fantastic! The acting all around is great! Michael C. Hall is phenomenal as Dexter. The way he portrays Dexter is the way any serial killer should be portrayed anywhere. The supporting actors are amazing as well. Jennifer Carpenter is great as foul mouthed Deb. Julie Benz is great as Rita making her a real 3 dimensional character. David Zayas and CS Lee (Zayas plays Batista and Lee plays Masuka)are great as well. They are great comic reliefs, especially CS Lee.

The narration in the show is also great! I've never heard a narration that great in my life! The way Michael C Hall delivers his lines during the narration is, at times funny and terrifying.

Each episode is really well written and keeps me attached the entire time. The dialogue is really good and seems like these are normal people having a normal discussion and it's not unrealistic at all!

I think the only flaw I have with this is the beginning of season 2. It's really slow in the beginning but it picks up very quickly which I loved.

Overall, there is nothing I can say that I haven't said already. The show is really dark, funny and addictive! I hope the next seasons are just as good or even better!
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Enjoyable but flawed
gsknell29 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've recently discovered Dexter and have just completed the entire first season in two days. I really enjoy it, and the writing is far superior to most (all?) of the network television shows I've seen in recent years. At first, I had difficulty accepting its premise, as I felt it was too ambitious, but after experiencing the first season's conclusion, I think they did a good job of tying it all together.

The one issue that remains for me is the use of flashbacks. While the creators utilize this device in order to explain how a sociopathic serial killer like Dexter can navigate the world undetected -- through the teachings and direction of his adoptive father -- this is something that stretches beyond the ken of how much I can suspend disbelief. There obviously has to be some sort of suspension of disbelief to accept that a serial killer is also one of Miami's top forensic analysts, and that much I can accept. The flashbacks reveal that Dexter's adoptive father rationally taught him a moral code to channel his instinct to kill, and that takes this idea too far for me. The pathology of serial killers is that they cannot be taught, and while implicitly this has to be accepted if the underlying premise is to be entertained, the frequent use of flashbacks over-stresses this to a point of complete disbelief. By the end of the first season, however, this was largely relegated to the back burner, as the plot had thickened sufficiently that the viewer is more interested in its resolution than its realism.

Michael C. Hall is compelling in his portrayal. Stylish show, excellent writing notwithstanding the flaws, and fun. On to the second season.
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The show made me like the serial killer was spoiled by its 8th season...
reddy-has-pramod3 October 2013
Two reasons propelled me to write this review. One is the excitement to tell how great this show was, and the second is the disappointment to scream how the 8th season miserably failed and letdown the entire 7 seasons of great work.

Usually i don't like the serial killers but this show made me do that with its great direction, brilliant acting. I should say Micheal is absolutely magnificent. If you are in a state of deciding whether to watch or not I strongly recommend to watch. Don't decide by just watching the first episode you should see at least 3 episodes to really get in to the show.

I really liked the show, I would say on of the best show in the TV history if only they had stopped with the 7th season. The 8th season drastically altered my opinion on this show with its no excitement, worst writing, bad direction and worst story. In my opinion, season ratings are 1 --> 9/10 2 --> 10/10 3 --> 8/10 4 --> 10/10 5 --> 8/10 6 --> 6/10 7 --> 10/10 8 --> 0/10
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