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30 Jun. 2013
A Beautiful Day
Six months have passed since LaGuerta's death. Dexter is managing his life as well his "dark passenger" will allow. Debra has quit the force and is working as a private investigator but isn't doing so well. The police investigate a murder where parts of the victim's brain have been removed.
7 Jul. 2013
Every Silver Lining...
The police continue to search for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel asks for Dexter's help and reveals a secret from his dark past. Debra gets into a bad situation.
14 Jul. 2013
What's Eating Dexter Morgan?
As Dexter continues his personal hunt for the Brain Surgeon, Debra's PTSD comes back.
21 Jul. 2013
Scar Tissue
Dexter tries to find another one of Dr. Vogel's former patients who may be a killer. Meanwhile, Quinn is happy to have passed the sergeant exam.
28 Jul. 2013
This Little Piggy
Dr. Vogel encounters the Brain Surgeon and Masuka discovers a shocking secret from his past.
4 Aug. 2013
A Little Reflection
Just as Dexter and Debra get back to their normal lives, someone from Dexter's past unexpectedly appears.
11 Aug. 2013
Dress Code
Dexter takes on an apprentice and tries to teach him Harry's code.
18 Aug. 2013
Are We There Yet?
Dexter desperately tries to find his apprentice while trying to help Hannah escape the country.
25 Aug. 2013
Make Your Own Kind of Music
Dr. Vogel gets a surprising visit as her past comes back to haunt her.
8 Sep. 2013
Goodbye Miami
Dexter tries to trap the Brain Surgeon with Dr. Vogel's assistance.
15 Sep. 2013
Monkey in a Box
Dexter struggles to decide whether to kill the Brain Surgeon or leave the country.
22 Sep. 2013
Remember the Monsters?
Realizing everything he has done causes Dexter to make a drastic decision.

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