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30 Sep. 2012
Are You...?
Debra confronts Dexter about his true identity.
7 Oct. 2012
Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
Miami Metro follows up on a local convict's recent information regarding a 15-year crime spree.
14 Oct. 2012
Buck the System
Miami Metro starts investigating Hannah McKay, Wayne Randall's former partner.
21 Oct. 2012
Dexter is captured by Speltzer. Meanwhile, Hannah visits Miami Metro to help with the investigation of Wayne Randall's murders.
28 Oct. 2012
Swim Deep
Isaak Sirko seeks revenge against Dexter for Viktor Baskov's death. Meanwhile, LaGuerta tells Debra of her suspicions that the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive, and asks for Debra's help with the case.
4 Nov. 2012
Do the Wrong Thing
Dexter continues to investigate Hannah McKay, suspecting that she may have murdered her late husband.
11 Nov. 2012
Isaak is released from prison, but Debra has him followed everywhere. Meanwhile, Sal Price discovers Dexter's relationship with Hannah and tries to get information from him.
18 Nov. 2012
Dexter refuses Debra's request to kill Hannah. Meanwhile, Isaak escapes his police surveillance and attempts to kill Dexter again.
25 Nov. 2012
Helter Skelter
The Koshka Brotherhood hires two hitmen to find and kill Isaak.
2 Dec. 2012
The Dark... Whatever
The Phantom Arsonist continues his spree across Miami.
9 Dec. 2012
Do You See What I See?
At Deb's request, Batista locates Arlene Schramm, the witness who saw Hannah McKay kill a counselor in a halfway house. When Deb blacks out and has a car accident, she thinks she knows who might have been responsible. Dexter learns that the last of the men who killed his mother, Hector Estrada, is up for parole but has no objection as he has his own plans for the killer. Matthews has a chat with Dexter and tells him of Captain LaGuerta's theory about him being the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter is quick on his feet and Matthews believes him when he denies it all. When ...
16 Dec. 2012
Surprise, Motherfucker!
Dexter must protect himself when LaGuerta closes in on his secret.

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