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4 Jun. 2007
Pets at the Vet/Secrets & Lies/Animal Magnetism
Animals discuss topics such as what attracts a mate, keeping secrets and telling lies, and also visits to the vet.
11 Jun. 2007
Self Image/Wingin' It/Art
Animals discuss the ups and downs of personal grooming and how to deal with unexpected situations. They also share their opinions on art.
18 Jun. 2007
Winter/The Zoo
Animals discuss how they deal with cold weather and their different experiences with zoos.
9 Oct. 2007
Growing Up/Fears & Phobias/Something's Afoot
Topics for the animals include growing up, and fears and phobias.
9 Oct. 2007
Communication/Feeding Time/Parrot Tongue Twister
Several animals, including a vulture, talk about their eating preferences. Also, two love birds explain how they communicate and read each other's mind.
Jul. 2007
Working/For the Birds/Love, Animal Style
Topics the animals discuss include working, birds and love.
9 Oct. 2007
Great Outdoors/Pet Peeves/Talent Show
The animals reveal what ticks them off and ruffles their feathers.


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