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6 Jan. 2010
Toilet Bowl
When East Dillon and the only other winless team in the district face off, locals term it the "Toilet Bowl." This conflicts with Coach's and Buddy's attempts to get play-by-play coverage from a local radio station. Meanwhile, Julie & Mrs. Taylor visit her old alma mater. Landry tries to convince Jess that he's completely over Tryra and that they should date. Vince's mom invites Jess to dinner with her and her son. Tim Riggins helps Luke get pain meds following an injury on the ranch without letting Coach Taylor know. Riggins also discovers that his brother Billy has ...
13 Jan. 2010
The Lights in Carroll Park
When a 12 year-old is shot in an East Dillon park, Coach Taylor takes action. Julie takes a step in recovering from her break-up with Matt thanks to a cute supervisor at a Habitat for Humanity build. Vince gets a job at Ray's BBQ and he & Landry face off over their mutual attraction to Jess Merriweather. Meanwhile Becky Sproles finds out that she's pregnant and informs both Luke and Riggins.
20 Jan. 2010
I Can't
Riggins takes Becky to Mrs. Taylor for advice about her unwanted pregnancy. Vince must get his mom into rehab after she OD's. Julie invites Habitat Ryan over for dinner with her folks. Tim pressures Billy to get out of the chop shop business. Luke tells his parents that he's gotten Becky pregnant. Jess confronts her dad about his supporting her and her brothers in football related activities.
27 Jan. 2010
Injury List
Luke Cafferty's mom raises a ruckus and wants Mrs. Taylor fired for her role in the aborting of her grandson. Landry and his folks invite Jess over for a rather awkward dinner. Julie reacts badly when Matt finally calls her to say he misses her. Luke becomes more and more dependent on pain pills and continues to hide his injury from everyone until it results in a crisis. Vinve gets in deeper with the neighborhood thugs after borrowing money from them to get his mom into rehab. Mrs Sproles comes onto Tim after a celebratory dinner then reacts badly when she finds him ...
3 Feb. 2010
The final game of the regular season has the East Dillon Lions slated to host the Dillon Panthers in what is sure to be the mother of all cross town rivalries. When the Panther boosters question the fitness of the East Dillon field it quickly escalates from toothpick pranks to torn up turf. Meanwhile the pro-life witch-hunt to get Tammy terminated for counseling the pregnant Becky escalates. Adding to the chaos, Mindy goes into labor, Billy goes on a caffeine bender, and soon after the boy is born, Uncle Tim gets arrested when the cops bust the chop shop. Meanwhile ...
10 Feb. 2010
Jess confides to Landry that she has feelings for Vince. Thanksgiving arrives, the day before the big game finds the Taylors playing host to an extended family dinner. The Riggins are there including the newest Riggins. Matt's back from Chicago. Buddy is bringing his own turkey to deep fry. Then on Friday, The lions meet the Panthers on the Panther's home field but they're a tougher team than anticipated. It all comes down to Landry can he make a 45 yard field goal and win the game?
27 Oct. 2010
Julie Taylor prepares to go away to college. Mrs. Taylor digs into her new job as the guidance counselor at East Dillon and Coach Taylor poaches a basketball player for his team as the East Dillon Lions prepare for a pre-season game against the Croft Cowboys, last year's Texas State champs.
3 Nov. 2010
On the Outside Looking In
Julie starts her college classes and meets an interesting teaching assistant. Tammy Taylor has trouble fitting in with the East Dillon teaching staff. Luke Cafferty's tackle from the last game is questioned. Coach Taylor finds that he's now on the outside and set a new goal. Jess and Vince hit a bump in their relationship.
10 Nov. 2010
The Right Hand of the Father
Vince's dad gets out on parole. A video of Maura drunk at the party with several Lions team members gets posted on the Internet. Mrs Taylor tries to take corrective action during school hours and Coach Taylor tries to get the team members back on track. Meanwhile Julie's flirtation with her history TA gets more serious.
17 Nov. 2010
Keep Looking
Becky's dad returns to town, Buddy Jr. comes to stay with his dad and Vince confronts his father about the drugs in his past. Meanwhile Jess and Vince squabble about her being the teams equipment manager. Luke gets an invite to visit TMU and bring a few friends.
1 Dec. 2010
The East Dillon Lions face the South Kingdom Rangers, the team to whom they forfeited at the beginning of last season. Coach tries to steer the team away from talk of revenge but when the game gets rough and the officiating lopsided, coach reconsiders. Meanwhile Tami bonds with one of the East Dillon teachers in a girl's night in and Julie's relationship with her TA hits a snag. Following the game, Hasting finds an outlaw white-lightning party in the otherwise dry town and bolstered by hooch, talk of college recruitment, and brotherhood the Lions go a bit overboard ...
8 Dec. 2010
Rather than return to college where she's been humiliated, Julie wrecks her car. As the truth comes out, Coach Taylor is thrown, so much so that he leaves a practice early. Meanwhile Vince's past friend is pressuring him to repay the money that he borrowed. Luke reacts badly to the information that TMU recruiters were using him to get to Vince. Billy Riggins gets to step up for a locker-room speech when Coach is late. Vinces dad steps in to help out his son and Mindy tells Becky that she needs to get laid to get her mind off Tim Riggins and even suggests the farm-boy ...
15 Dec. 2010
Perfect Record
It's cross-town rivalry week again in Dillon and things get heated when an anti-Lion website appears highlighting the boys' juvenile records. Coach Taylor is concerned when Vince's dad gets more involved in his college recruitment prospects. Billy Riggins works privately with Luke and gets him pumped up for the game but gives him one or two pieces of bad advice. Meanwhile Julie is still hiding out at home and Tami goes up to her school to collect her schoolwork.

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