"Wonder Woman" Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman (TV Episode 1976) Poster

Lynda Carter: Diana Prince, Wonder Woman



  • Nazi : Quick, tell me how do I make you helpless and take you prisoner?

    Wonder Woman : [heavy breathing]  Remove... my magic belt.

    Nazi : Is that the key to your strength?

    Wonder Woman : Yes... away from my home on Para- Paradise Island.

    Nazi : Could this chloroform keep you unconscious?

    Wonder Woman : Yes.

    Nazi : Sleep peacefully, Wonder Womans, you will wake in The Fatherland.

  • Fausta Grables : What makes you so strong?

    Wonder Woman : On Paradise Island, there are only women. Because of this pure environment, we are able to develop our minds and our physical skills unhampered by masculine destructiveness.

    Colonel Kesselman : Stop! Such information is utter rubbish!

    [to Fausta:] 

    Colonel Kesselman : Can't you see she is trying to make fools out of us?

    Fausta Grables : Perhaps not. It is an interesting theory she advances.

    Colonel Kesselman : I refuse to let you waste any more time.

  • Colonel Kesselman : [about to electrocute the two American heroes]  The powerful Wonder Woman has nothing to say? Perhaps now you will tell us your secrets, huh?

    Wonder Woman : If I speak,

    [shakes her head] 

    Wonder Woman : it will only be to the woman who captured me.

    Colonel Kesselman : She did not capture you. I am the Commander here. You are my prisoner.

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