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Young people in love
bkoganbing15 February 2018
The title role of this Wagon Train episode is played by young Peter Helm and he's head over heels for Brenda Scott, daughter of Dr. Les Tremayne. Helm is the son of farmer Myron Healey and wife Aline Towne. When Helm does the proper thing for the 19th century and asks for Scott's hand in marriage, he laughs at him. That starts a chain of events that leads to the two of them running away and Helm helping himself to a bit of the money saved by Healey to settle in California.

As he personally takes charge in looking for the two young lovers John McIntire is getting really fed up with both fathers. Each in a different way is projecting his own different sources of unhappiness into the relationship of the kids, Tremayne more than Healey.

Helm and Scott don't find it so easy out in the cold cruel world either away from the nest. The scene in Barbara Pepper's saloon is enough to frighten these two relative innocents.

Those Montague and Capulet kids didn't find it as rough as these two did in many respects. Nice guest ensemble put together for this episode.
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