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Its been done before.
bethwilliam26 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Tru spends the day trying to avoid her ex boyfriend. Apparently the love rat has an eye for his students. However when Tru wakes to find Mark Evan's dead body beside her she immediately suspects herself.

After the day rewinds she chooses to adopt a friendlier approach to the cheating ex and invites him to her party. Unfortunately the real killer has different motives then a broken heart.

Its been done before. The drunk girlfriend or wife who wakes to find a bloody knife and a dead lover beside her. Its Double Jeopardy meets Back to the future.

This episode does little to enhance the series. Tru's love interest put in a reasonable performance. But we somehow know he is not long for the chop.
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The only episode I've ever watched.....
mbg41121 December 2008
And I need to do everything I can to keep it that way!! The story was way too predictable. The dialogue is so awkward. The characters are so clichéd. I want to throw Lindsay through a glass window from the top of a 100 story building!!!!!!!!!!! Literally.

Tru would be cool if there was a better actress playing her. Her acting is very, very wooden. I can't say much about the other actors. They're what you would expect from a show like this, which isn't much of anything. Of course, AJ Cook, who plays the idiotic Lindsay, completely overacts, in a way that makes me completely despise her character and her stupid lines. However, if AJ Cook is trying to be annoying on purpose, then she is the best actress in the whole world!!!! Seriously, IF she is trying to make her Lindsay character as annoying as possible, she is so successful that she deserves so, so many Academy Awards!!

This show should get a 2 at best, but I have watched Shane Meier's scenes several times. He has always been one of my favorite actors. The last scene that he is in is by far the best. He shows the best acting by far in that scene on the show. Well, don't you just love how the best acting on the show comes from a guest star, and none of it's regular cast members?

Well, that was an extremely long comment, especially for one episode of a stupid show like this. It's a good thing this joke got canceled. Shane Meier was the best thing about the show. He needed a lot more screen time than like 3 minutes in one episode. That last scene that he was in should have been way longer!!!!

Oh, and could someone please tell Lindsay to do us all a favor and end her existence already? Or could you at least tell her to SHUT UP?

Thanks, 'preciate it.
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