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  • Janet wants the place to herself to entertain a date. Jack breaks his leg on the stairs as he and Chrissy leave.

  • Janet met a guy, Greg, in her flower shop and invited him to her apartment for a simple date. Wanting to be alone with Greg, Janet asks Chrissy and Jack to be out for the night. Before they leave the apartment, Jack falls down the stairs and breaks his leg. Mr. Roper feels partly responsible because he had just finished hosing down the steps, and is concerned that Jack might sue him.


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  • Janet falls for a customer at the flower shop Gregg, and invites him over for the evening. Jack slips on the wet stairs and hurts his leg, sending him to the hospital. Chrissy and Jack both forget they have promised to vacate the apartment so they are both in Jack's bedroom putting him to bed, when Janet and Gregg arrive. When Jack falls down with a loud crash as he's trying to listen in on their conversation, Gregg and Janet come rushing in to find Jack and Chrissy in bed. Their feeble attempts to explain are interrupted by Roper who comes up to offer Jack a settlement so he won't sue him for his injury. Roper mistakes Gregg for Jack's lawyer, and tries to negotiate with him. Gregg only wants to negotiate a pass at Janet, and when that is foiled by Jack, he stomps out.

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