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Mysterious conspiracy
monomerd12 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This two-part episode is quite out-of-the-ordinary for Starsky and Hutch. I think it is a good story and well-written, but it is definitely not the typical style for this show.

Starsky and Hutch start out guarding an informant who is planning to testify against many mob figures. While in their custody, the man is killed by an unknown shooter. The shooter comes forward to claim that he killed the man in retaliation because his wife had been killed. Starsky and Hutch begin checking out the story and cannot find any evidence to back up the shooter's story. Yet, Starsky and Hutch begun to believe the man when they find small indications that there is something suspicious going on. They have to dig very deeply because the conspiracy is quite complicated, but slowly it becomes clear that the shooter was brainwashed into doing the killing. As Starsky and Hutch get closer to the truth, they become targets themselves, and evidence is planted to make it look like they were involved with the informant's murder.

This is a complex story and it gives Starsky and Hutch a lot of opportunity to do some serious investigating. It is interesting as they piece together the few clues that make the shooter's story become believable. I guess I've seen this plot before, but it seems to be well-done here. PMG and DS play it very straight and there are no comic elements, so that keeps the story solid. It does feel like something you would be more likely to see on Mission: Impossible, or something of that nature. But even though it doesn't feel like a normal Starsky and Hutch case, it still is working. On to Part 2.
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