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  • Now Apophis has revealed himself, he promises the prisoners to overturn Sokar, which requires extracting an irresistibly valuable secret, to which end he drugs Sam with the truth serum 'blood of Sokar' and implants a memory device plus the drug to torture Jack in the persona of his dead kid son and Daniel for the location of his Harsesis son; Martouf's love for Jolinar makes him betray the Tok'ra are on planet Etnac- a convincing lie, so Apophis's plan to earn Sokar's gratitude and then kill him when rewarded with the lordship of Netu is on a shaky basis... Teal'c must help the Tok'ra Aldwin prepare a nuclear weapon to explode the whole moon, as last chance to eliminate Sokar when his ship arrives, but decides to rescue SG-1 instead by flying in the path of the rings device to Sokar's ship...

  • With Bynarr now dead, Apophis takes control of Sokar's prison moon. He is determined to find out out how Jolinor escaped and to get enough information from the prisoners to entice Sokor into giving him his freedom. He forces the SG-1 team and the Tok'ra Martoof to drink Sokor's blood, a form of truth serum. It reveals mostly painful memories from their past, memories that can be used to probe for more information. Teal'c meanwhile, returns to the Tok'ra home world to get help but finds they have decided to destroy the prison moon and all those on it.

  • Apophis tortures the SG-1 team giving the powerful serum "Blood of Sokar" to get information and Martouf reveals the location of the Tok'ra base on planet Etnac to save Sam and Jolinar. Apophis wants the information to get close to Sokar to kill him and recover the leadership of the Goa'uld. However Martouf has lured Apophis since Etnac is a primitive planet only. Meanwhile Daniel retrieves the communicator and contacts Teal'c telling that Sokar is in the orbit of Netu. Teal'c heads to meet the Tok'ra to inform them and Aldwin decides to blow-up Netu to kill Sokar. But Teal'c reacts and decides to rescue the SG-1. Will he succeeds? And Apophis will be capable to lure and kill Sokar?

  • Trying to rescue Jacob, O'Neill, Carter, Jackson and Martouf were captured by Apophis who attempts to extract secrets their for Lord Sokar. Tok'Ra Aldwin plans to blow up the Hell moon to kill Sokar. Can Teal'c rescue the team before the moon explodes?


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