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  • As the Goa'uld summit continues, Daniel finds himself face to face with Osiris. He fools him in the same fashion as he did with Yu, but cannot bring himself to cause the death of Sarah, Osiris's host. He remains to uncover information about the unknown master of Osiris. Lantash, having taken Lt. Elliot as a host, guides the rest of SG-1 in escaping the fallen Tok'ra base.

  • Daniel witness as Lord Yu's most trusted slave the system lords conference presided over by Ba'al where Osiris reveals to represent Anubis, 1,000 years ago banished forever for crimes even Goa'uld abhor, and believe dead. Osiris successfully threatens them into accepting her lord back, opposed only by Yu, who once voted his exile. Killing the 'minor' lords alone would only render Anubis an even greater nightmare, so Daniel endeavors to steal Yu's cargo and kidnap Osiris hoping Sara may be saved, but is betrayed by fellow slave Jarren to Yu, who is in turn stabbed by Osiris. Daniel manages to lock them in and reach Jacob's starship. Meanwhile Lieutenant Elliot's symbiont fails to heal him, but teaches SG-1 how to escape from the collapsed Tok'ra base, which Anubis is heading for. When Daniel and Jacob crash on the planet, the dying three-in-one volunteer for a vital last mission.

  • At the Goa'uld summit, Daniel ensures Osiris does not recognize him by administering the same drug he used on Yu. Despite Jacob Carter urging to release the poison gas, Daniel is unable to do as he does not wish to harm Osiris' host, his friend Sarah Gardner. Osiris claim a seat at the negotiating table and tells the system lords that she is representing another - Anubis, who hasn't been seen in over 1000 years and was assumed dead. Daniel needs an escape plan of his own. At the Tok'ra base O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Lt. Elliot - who is carrying Lantash's symbiont - try to find a way out of the tunnel system.

  • Daniel does not poison the Goa'uld lords because he wishes to save Sarah; however Selmak warns him the importance to kill the System Lords at the summit. When Daniel is ready to release the poison, he learns that Sarah is indeed the representative of Anubis that was supposed dead many years ago. Daniel contacts Selmak again and tells that if he kills the System Lords, the evil Anubis will be free from any opposition. Meanwhile, Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Lieutenant Kevin Elliot open tunnels using Tok'ra crystals and try to broadcast a distress signal expecting to contact a Tok'ra's spaceship. Will Daniel, Elliot and the rest of the SG-1 be rescued?


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