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  • A timeship from the future who tries to stop Voyager gets thrown with Voyager into the twentieth century. His timeship is found in the 1960's and Voyager finds a company that has benefited from its technology exists in 1996.

  • In 1967, an apparent meteor crashes in the forest near a lone camper. Flash forward to the 24th century, where Voyager is on its trek back to the Alpha Quadrant. An artificial temporal rift opens in front of them, and a Federation vessel from the 29th century emerges. The pilot, CAPT Braxton, says that Voyager somehow is responsible for a temporal disruption in his time that destroys Earth's solar system. So he begins an attack on them, hoping to change the future. In defending themselves, Voyager disables Braxton's time ship, and he is pulled back into the time rift; so too is Voyager. Braxton's vessel is flung back to 1967 and is the meteor seen at the beginning. Voyager only goes back to 1996. Once in the 20th century, Voyager detects a warp signature in the Los Angeles area, so an away team - Janeway, Chakotay, Paris, and Tuvok - goes to investigate. Unknowingly, a SETI scientist - Rain - who has been scanning for a particular radiation signature finds it emanating from Voyager and plots their orbit. Rain calls her boss - Henry Starling - who directs her to stay quiet until she has more data. She doesn't, and Starling sends his henchman to kill her. It's revealed that he was the camper that spotted Braxton's ship, and has been using its technology to make himself very rich and powerful for the past 3 decades. He also supplied the parameters for the radiation pattern that Rain found; he was hoping for a heads up in case any future vessels followed Braxton's ship to retrieve it. Janeway and Chakotay find Braxton, who is now a crazed homeless man that explains the temporal causality loop that Voyager is now involved in. Paris and Tuvok go to meet Rain, who had sent a welcome greeting to Voyager. They secretly take her data off her computer. When she realizes what they've done, Rain chases them. That's when Starling's goon catches up with her and tries to kill her with a phaser. Paris and Tuvok spirit her away to safety. Janeway determines that Braxton still has the time ship, and tries to beam it from Starling's possession. He fights back, and actually uses the transporter beam as a data link to steal data from Voyager's computers. He then finds out that Voyager's not from the 29th century as he'd surmised, but the 24th. He also finds he's obtained a very special piece of software from Voyager: The EMH.



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