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A good idea that suffers from choppy presentation...
karacter23 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
(SPOILERS) The idea of a "race in space" has never been introduced in the Star Trek Universe before, and so there was great opportunity in "Drive" for a truly exciting and unique Trek adventure. Unfortunately, the end result, while not terrible, falls far short of its potential.

The main fault seems to be too many subplots (the race, warring factions & sabotage, AND Tom & B'Elanna's relationship problems), which require the viewer to constantly jump from one to another to the extent that one feels almost as if one is watching three different episodes at the same time instead of just one. In trying to be many things, "Drive" fails to by any ONE thing, and so the show ends up with a "choppy" and jumbled feel to it.

I, for one, would have loved to have seen more emphasis on the race itself- the individual racers, the bizarre vehicles they were piloting, the potential unknown hazards along the race course, etc. (The pod race in "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" (1999) is a great example of how visually interesting- not to mention fun & exciting- a multiple species space race can be).

Finally, I was rather disappointed that a major Star Trek Voyager event- the marriage of Tom Paris & B'Elanna Torres- happened off screen and was somewhat haphazardly tacked on at the very end! What's up with that? One would think that the marriage of these two major characters would deserve at least a token amount of screen time.

Perhaps "Drive" would have worked better with a little more "breathing space"- as a two part story arc, there would have been more time to explore & develop all the subplots. As it stands, it seems a little rushed & out of focus.
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Tom, the man-child, enters a race.
MartinHafer4 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is very reminiscent of the Star Wars movie where young Aniken Skywalker is in some sort of hovercraft race. Here, it's much the same sort of thing but the race is in space. However, Tom Paris is flying this craft--so the pilot is clearly someone LESS mature than Aniken!

When the show begins, Tom meets a kindred spirit who loves to speed about in a shuttle. She informs him that her race and three others are having a big race to celebrate peace--and Paris is welcome to join in if he'd like. However, selfish Tom totally forgets that he's been promising B'Elanna for ages that he'd take her to the holodeck for a little vacation! Oops. This sort of thoughtlessness gets B'Elanna wondering if she really should remain with the man- child, Tom.

Talk about light-weight plots! A race?! Still, it plays reasonably well but ends on a very unhappy ending--B'Elanna agrees to actually marry that schmuck! But I DID like the final scene of them in the shuttle--it's kind of cute.
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A race and relationships
Tweekums3 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
While out testing upgrades to the Delta Flyer Tom and Harry get involved in an informal race with an alien woman called Irina. It turns out that she is on her way to rally and suggests that Tom should enter in the Flyer. Captain Janeway readily accepts his request to take part thinking it will help crew moral. One person who is not so pleased is B'Elanna who had been looking forward to a holodeck holiday with Tom which she had spent some time arranging. Trying to save their relationship she persuades Harry to let her take his place in the race. After an audacious manoeuvre the Delta Flyer finishes the first stage in the lead although it might have caused an accident that injured Irina's copilot. It turned out it wasn't the Flyer that caused the accident but an act of sabotage. In the final leg Harry takes over as Irina's copilot largely because he has a bit of a crush on her. Once again something goes wrong with her ship and Harry realises why; she sabotaged it herself so that she would be well away from the finish line when the other ship she sabotaged exploded... that other ship being the Delta Flyer.

This wasn't a bad episode and I enjoyed the idea of the Flyer taking part in a race it could have given us excitement without an antagonist or great peril; it was a pity that instead we got a clichéd plot featuring sabotage, it was also a bit of a shame that during what should have been an exciting climax we got a rather soapy scene between Tom and B'Elanna. The final scene where we see the words "Just Married" written on the Delta Flyer was pretty corny but earned a chuckle.
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Hitchcoc15 September 2018
At no point did I have even the slightest interest in this epiode. I am so bored when Tom does his 1950's motor head stuff. Why not just play Fonzie in Happy Days. The other thing that is also incredibly boring is his relationship with B'Lanna. Their constant snuggling and shows of affection just become tiresome. I find them both tedious when they are together. Really weak episode.
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