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Colm Meaney: Chief Miles O'Brien



  • [Picard is about to give a tour of the ship to Marissa, Jay Gordon and Patterson] 

    Chief Miles O'Brien : I'm not sure who to feel sorry for - the Captain or the kids.

  • [Ro has established power to the bridge's engineering station] 

    Chief Miles O'Brien : How did you do that?

    Ro Laren : I diverted power from the phaser array and I dumped it into the engineering control system.

    Chief Miles O'Brien : You what?

    Ro Laren : Engineering station's online, Counselor.

    Chief Miles O'Brien : But tha... that's a completely improper procedure!

  • Chief Miles O'Brien : [a quantum filament has caused severe damage to the Enterprise, leaving Troi in command of the Bridge]  If the containment field strength continues to drop at its present rate, we still have at least two hours before it becomes critical.

    Ro Laren : But you're ignoring the fact that the power coupling is also damaged. If that coupling overheats the field strength could drop a lot faster. We could have a containment breach in a matter of minutes.

    Counselor Troi : What do you suggest?

    Ro Laren : We should separate the saucer now and put as much distance as possible between us and the drive section.

    Chief Miles O'Brien : [to Troi]  Excuse me, Sir, but that's damn cold-blooded. What about the people down there?

    Ro Laren : There's no evidence that anyone is still alive in the drive section.

    Chief Miles O'Brien : No evidence they're dead either. If you were trapped down there would you like us to cut you loose and just leave?

    Ro Laren : [sighs]  No, of course not. But I also wouldn't expect the Bridge crew to risk the safety of the ship and hundreds of lives in a futile effort to rescue me.

    Counselor Troi : [after a long pause she turns to O'Brien]  You said there was no way to stabilise the containment field from the Bridge. Could it be done from Engineering?

    Chief Miles O'Brien : Yes, but my readings indicate there's no power down there. They don't even have monitors to tell them there's a problem.

    Counselor Troi : Could we divert energy from the Bridge to those monitors?

    Chief Miles O'Brien : Yes Sir.

    Ro Laren : [knowing where they're going with this]  I will say it again there is no reason to believe that anyone is still alive in Engineering. We're wasting time even talking about this - we have to separate the ship now.

    Counselor Troi : [looking more confident then she really felt]  I believe there are still people alive down there and I'm going to give them every chance. Assuming they're alive they'll be hoping there's someone up here who can help them... so we'll help them.

    [to O'Brien] 

    Counselor Troi : Chief, divert the necessary power to Engineering.

    Chief Miles O'Brien : Aye Sir.

    [leaves the Observation Lounge] 

    Ro Laren : [Ro stands up]  I remind you, Counsellor... that power coupling could overheat at any moment. By not separating the ship now you could be responsible for all our deaths.

    Counselor Troi : Thank you, Ensign. Proceed.

    [after Ro leaves Troi sinks back into her chair, really feeling the burdens of command] 

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