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Cardassia changes sides
Tweekums25 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Things are looking bad for the Federation; first the Breen lead an audacious raid to the heart of Federation territory and attacked Star Fleet headquarters in San Francisco and then they drive Star Fleet from their only base inside Dominion territory. This latter attack has a greater effect on Sisko and the people of DS9 as they were lucky to survive the battle when the Defiant is destroyed after being hit by a Breen weapon that shut down all of its systems. Back on Bajor Kai Winn has gone over to the side of the Pah-wraiths and asks to see the ancient texts concerning them against the advice of her assistant Solbor, he believes that she is being led astray by her new friend Anjohl Tennan and looks into his true identity; when he tells the Kai that he has discovered her new friend is in fact Dukat she takes drastic action to protect his identity. There is at least some good news for the Federation Legate Damar has had enough of the Dominion's treatment of Cardassia and announces that the Cardassians are to rise up and overthrow their oppressors, their first action is to destroy the Vorta cloning facility, something which rather disturbs Weyoun.

This was another good episode which doesn't concentrate one any one character or even a single group of characters. By this point in the series each episode is part of the main story arc so one really needs to have been watching for a while to enjoy it, there is little point just dipping in and watching a single episode.
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More of the same.
MartinHafer28 January 2015
Towards the end of the run of "Star Trek: Deep Space 9", instead of the usual self-contained or occasional two-part episodes, the series instead became one enormous ongoing plot. In effect, the last 10 or so episodes of the show were more like a gigantic movie or soap opera. This isn't so much a complaint--more an observation about the style of the programs. Because of this, it's rather difficult to rate or review these shows.

As in previous episodes, the main plots involve the Kai and her descent into serving evil, the Cardassians separating themselves from the Dominion as well as the folks on DS9--who take a back seat in most of the episodes.

The Kai is determined to read the forbidden texts. They are forbidden because they are evil and tell of the power of the Pah- Wraiths. This causes problems with her people--and she no longer seems to care. But when her assistant tells her that her new lover isn't actually a Bajoran but a Cardassian, she has one more chance to back down and abandon her evil ways. Being truly nasty and vicious, watching her choice is amazingly satisfying!

The Cardassians are planning a revolt...and it comes just in time. This is because with the Breen's assistance, the Dominion regained the offensive in the war. Exactly what happens to Sisko and his ship, the Defiant, is something you'll just have to see for yourself.

Like in all the episodes, this one is exciting, tense and one you should see as a whole.
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Time Marches On
Hitchcoc12 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The smug Vorta and the slowly disintegrating Founder go after Earth. The Breen are formidable because they have a weapon that shuts down the ships' systems. The problem for the bad guys is that they have crossed the original bad guys, the Cardassians. They have allowed over seven million of their people to die. Damar has had enough and finally gets off the sauce and organizes. Sisko, meanwhile, suffers a huge loss. Gul Dukat, in disguise, continues to control Kai Winn, encouraging her to raise the evil prophets.
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