"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" The Changing Face of Evil (TV Episode 1999) Poster

Avery Brooks: Capt. Benjamin Sisko


  • [Kasidy has burned the dinner] 

    Captain Sisko : What're you... you doing? You don't cook!

    Kasidy Yates : I know; I was just making sure.

  • [Sisko has made up with Kasidy wih a bunch of flowers, when the door chimes] 

    Captain Sisko : Ah, that must be Quark with the necklace.

    Kasidy Yates : The necklace?

    Captain Sisko : Just in case the flowers didn't work.

  • [last lines] 

    Admiral Ross : Damar may have just bought us some precious time - if the Dominion doesn't track him down too quickly.

    Captain Sisko : We need to find a way to help him. Legate Damar may be the key to saving the Alpha Quadrant.

  • Captain Sisko : Nobody touches my peppers!

  • Captain Sisko : [of the Defiant]  She's a fine ship.

    Chief O'Brien : No one will argue with that. But like you say, it's time to go.

  • Martok : [about the Breen]  Captain, every species has its weakness. They're no exception.

    Captain Sisko : Let's hope you're right. But whatever the weakness is - we better find it soon.

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