"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Our Man Bashir (TV Episode 1995) Poster

Avery Brooks: Captain Sisko, Dr. Noah



  • Hippocrates Noah : Try to stay cool, Mr. Bashir.

  • Hippocrates Noah : Welcome to paradise, Mr. Merriweather. I believe you've been looking for me. My name... is Hippocrates Noah.

  • Hippocrates Noah : I am going to let mankind... begin anew - here, on this island paradise, the only place that will remain above water on my brave new world.

  • Falcon : It's working, just as you planned. You've done it, Doctor!

    Hippocrates Noah : Yes. But somehow... I didn't expect to win.

  • Hippocrates Noah : [while lighting a cigar for Komananov]  Mr Merriweather, I understand you're field is geology.

    Dr. Julian Bashir : That's right.

    Hippocrates Noah : Then I am sure you can appreciate these stones in my most recent acquisition?

    Dr. Julian Bashir : [Bashir appraises it]  A most striking display of rubies, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz. And judging by the high chromium content of the rubies, I'd say they come from the hydro-thermal deposits on the Tibetan plateau. Which isn't surprising considering we're on the southeastern slope of Mt Everest at about 22,000ft, I should say.

    Hippocrates Noah : [unimpressed]  25, actually.

    Dr. Julian Bashir : [just as unimpressed]  You must not get many tourists?

    Hippocrates Noah : [lights a cigar for himself]  My guests and I place a premium on our privacy. We don't want any unwelcomed guests such as men sent by governments who disagree with my political philosophy.

    Anastasia Komananov : And what is your philosophy? Are you some kind of anarchist?

    Hippocrates Noah : Quite the opposite. I believe in an orderly world. A far cry from the chaos we find ourselves in today.

    [looks out the window] 

    Hippocrates Noah : We are building a new future here. A new beginning for mankind. A new chapter in human history will open right here on my island.

    Dr. Julian Bashir : Island?

    Hippocrates Noah : Forgive me. Sometimes I do get ahead of myself. Allow me to explain.

    Professor Honey Bare : [Noah pushes a button and the back wall slides up into the ceiling revealing a map of the world and Dax in the role of Professor Honey Bare studying it]  We're almost ready. I've programmed the laser sequence and I'm making some last minute adjustments to a South American site.

    Hippocrates Noah : [takes her hand and kisses it]  I do have every confidence in you, my dear.

    [she smiles shyly] 

    Anastasia Komananov : [whispers to Bashir]  She's working with him.

    [he nods] 

    Hippocrates Noah : You see, Mr Merriweather. Not only do I intend to create a new future, I intend to create a new world.

    [indicating different areas on the map] 

    Hippocrates Noah : At each one of these points I have hidden a new form of laser, one that can penetrate the Earth's crust down into the mantle itself.

    Dr. Julian Bashir : The global earthquakes.

    Hippocrates Noah : Those were only tests. Soon, I will activate all of these lasers together, and when I do they will produce worldwide earthquakes the likes of which we have never felt before.

    [Bashir and Honey exchange a look during Noah's diatribe and it's obvious she feels something for him she's not ready to admit] 

    Garak : Killing everyone on the planet.

    Hippocrates Noah : More than that.

    [really getting into his stride now] 

    Hippocrates Noah : There comes a time when a house has been so damaged by termites, that you must not only kill the termites, but demolish the house, and build again. The quakes are only a minor side effect. The real goal of this project, is to have these lasers of mine produce massive fissures in the Earth's crust, releasing millions of tons of molten lava. Now, Mr Merriweather, you're the geologist. Tell me what happens next?

    Dr. Julian Bashir : Once that much lava is released, the tectonic plates would begin to settle.

    Hippocrates Noah : And the surface of the planet will shrink, just like letting air out of a balloon.

    Anastasia Komananov : But if the surface of the Earth shrinks, the oceans...?

    Dr. Julian Bashir : ...will cover the Earth. Diabolical.

    Hippocrates Noah : [disagreeing]  Visionary. I am going to let mankind begin anew, here on this island paradise. The only place that will remain above water on my brave new world.

    [paces the room, excited at the prospect of genocide] 

    Hippocrates Noah : And that is why I have gathered the finest minds... the very best that mankind has to offer. We will repopulate and start a new human race. Pity you won't be able to join us.

    Dr. Julian Bashir : Are you revoking my invitation?

    Hippocrates Noah : Oh, I intend to do more than that, Mr Bashir. Not only have I brought the greatest minds to my mountain retreat, but I have also hired the greatest protection that money can buy.

    [he presses a concealed button under a table] 

    Hippocrates Noah : I believe you already know my newest employee.

    [Falcon walks in] 

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