"Star Trek: The Original Series" By Any Other Name (TV Episode 1968) Poster

Warren Stevens: Rojan



  • Captain James T. Kirk : We came in answer to your distress call.

    Rojan : It was very kind of you to respond so quickly, Captain. Now, you will surrender your ship to me.

    Captain James T. Kirk : You have a very strange sense of humor, Mr...

    [Rojan abruptly paralyzes the entire landing party] 

  • Rojan : Within ten millennia, high radiation levels in our galaxy will make life there impossible. So the Kelvan Empire sent forth ships to explore other galaxies, to search for one which our race could conquer and occupy.

    Captain James T. Kirk : Well, sorry, this galaxy is already occupied.

    Rojan : Captain, you think you are unconquerable, and your ship impregnable. But while we've talked, the capture has already begun.

  • Rojan : You humans must face the end of your existence, as you have known it.

  • Rojan : We do not colonize. We conquer. We rule! There's no other way for us.

    Dr. McCoy : In other words, "The galaxy isn't big enough for both of us!"

  • Captain James T. Kirk : The Federation has handled foreign invasions before.

    Rojan : Captain, we can control the Federation as easily as we can control you. The fate of the inferior - in any galaxy.

  • [upon seeing Kirk and Kelinda together, Rojan has physically attacked Kirk] 

    Captain James T. Kirk : You're jealous! You're trying to kill me with your bare hands. Would a Kelvan do that? Would he have to? You're reacting with the emotions of a human. You *are* a human!

    Rojan : No, I cannot be!

  • Captain James T. Kirk : Your mission is to find new worlds for your people to live in. You can still do that. We can bring this problem to the Federation. There are many planets in this galaxy that can be inhabited.

    Rojan : You would really do that? You would extend welcome to invaders?

    Captain James T. Kirk : No. But we would welcome friends.

  • Rojan : [to Kelinda, indicating Kirk]  And you. You would wish to remain with him?

    Kelinda : He's most interesting. But I wish to go with you. I believe I owe you an apology.

    [she kisses him] 

  • Rojan : I wish you to understand your duties.

    Captain James T. Kirk : My duty is to stop you in any way I can.

  • Rojan : Space again, Hanar. I do not think we could have kept our sanity living too long on this accursed planet.

    Hanar : It is an undisciplined environment. One cannot control it. Yet there are things of interest.

    Rojan : Yes, but disturbing. These shells in which we've encased ourselves, they have such heightened senses. To feel... to hear... to smell. How do humans manage to exist in these fragile cases?

    Hanar : Since the ship was designed to sustain these forms, we have little choice.

    Rojan : At least we'll be away from all of this... openness. No, this is too strange for us, Hanar. We are creatures of outer space. Soon, we will be safe in the comforting closeness of walls.

  • Rojan : [having taken Lt. Shea and Yeoman Thompson aside]  I think we're somewhat alike, Captain. Each of us cares less for his own safety than for the lives of his command. We feel pain when others suffer for our mistakes. Your punishment shall be to watch them die.

  • Rojan : Your people are most efficient, Captain.

    Captain James T. Kirk : Thank you. So are yours.

  • Kelinda : Do you really regard this touching of the lips as pleasurable?

    Captain James T. Kirk : I did.

    Kelinda : Curious. Let me try.

    [She kisses him. Rojan enters] 

    Rojan : Is there some problem, Captain?

    Captain James T. Kirk : Not when I came in.

    [Kirk exits] 

    Rojan : What did he want here?

    Kelinda : He came to apologize for hitting me. Apparently it involves some peculiar touching contact.

    Rojan : In what manner?

    [She kisses him] 

    Rojan : [nearly chuckling]  Very odd creatures, these humans.

  • Rojan : Have you seen Captain Kirk?

    Mr. Spock : If you wish, I shall call him to the bridge.

    Rojan : No. I was wondering where he was.

    Mr. Spock : I left him in the recreation room.

    Rojan : He was alone, then.

    Mr. Spock : No, Kelinda was with him. She seemed anxious to speak to him.

    Rojan : I told her to stay away from him.

    Mr. Spock : It would appear, sir, that you have little control over her. Or perhaps Captain Kirk... has more.

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