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What else is there to say?
sect-sin4 July 2006
I'm awestruck. Breathless. Unbelieveing. The conclusion of the whole nine yards of this masterpiece of a series just leaves you sitting there, looking around you, having absolutely no clue what to do, how to go on with your life. You want to grab hold of one of your loved ones, squeeze them hard against you, never wanting to let go. Or you just walk around aimlessly in your garden, trying to get order among the maelstrom of thoughts swirling around in your head. Or you just sit in silence, having the feeling that your guts are trying to digest something as indigestible as an obsidian stone. And then, when you think that it's over, you just realize that it stays with you, for days and days, the movie having created a new and permanent pocket of emotions in your brain, hitting you again and again at the least expected moments.

It kicks you in your stomach like Muhammed Ali would have done. It's like an orgasm you're never going to have again in your whole life. It's serene, beautiful, astonishing, morbid and ironic, and last but not least, utterly true.

The whole series is organic. It grows with you or you grow with it. It seems - even during its seldom seen weaker moments - that it is written and planned to become one monstre psychedelic trip of life, one huge lesson. It's not a series which is meant to go on and on without an end, like you see a lot nowadays. It has a beginning, there is an evolution, and you also get a soul tearing conclusion you will never forget.

Watch all episodes. Slowly, in a dark room, when you are calm, paying attention to all the minuscule details. Join the Fishers, let them be your foster family for a time. You are never going to regret it.
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Holy Mackaral
danidoodaddy056 July 2006
I've watched plenty of show finales in my lifetime. Many had great endings and some had decent ones. I recently finished watching every episode of all 5 seasons of this amazing show while deployed in Iraq. From start to finish, I was completely captivated by the characters as they went about their every day lives. After the credits commenced to roll in Season 5's Series Finale "Everyone's Waiting". I just sat there in my chair completely flabbergasted at "Alan Ball's" incredible and yet honest ending. Of course, that is after I wiped the tears from my eyes and took an enormously deep and saddened "SIGH". I replayed that ending over five other times and still felt the same chills as though it was the first time. The Series finale has inspired me to regain my artistic composure, which I had temporarily lost for the last year and a half. It motivated me to call my wife and kids every day to tell them I missed and loved them so much. It very well has changed the way I look at life itself. I know it sounds kinda weird but it did. "Everyone's waiting" is the best ending I've ever seen in any medium of entertainment.
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Most Powerful Show Ever
maestro-202 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(SPOILER -- the following contains spoilers. If you have not seen the show or the final episode, please come back after you do.)

(First appeared on http://itheauthor.blogspot.com/2005/08/six-feet-under.html)

Never have I been so deeply moved, engrossed, and affected by a piece of entertainment. Sure, I have fallen in love with and touched by a book, a movie, a TV show, or a song before, but not like this. I cried like a baby at the end of Cinema Paradiso, but not like this. Not like having insomnia for four days. What is wrong with me?

I think Six Feet Under has struck a chord with so many people at such deep level because it is so REAL. And some people don't like the show also because it's too REAL for them. The Fishers and their friends and loved ones are so dysfunctional that we could all step back and say, "Gosh, I'm glad I am not like that." Then we catch ourselves, whether it's watching David lashing out on his partner Keith, or Nate cheating on his pregnant wife Brenda, or Ruth screaming at her husband George: Oh lord, we are just like them. We have our own dysfunctional moments, our own demons and torments, our own sicknesses. And they remind us of people we know. Thus the Fishers and Co. have become our family for the past 5 years.

Every episode presents some brilliant writing, full of metaphors, deep meanings and nuances. It's sad, depressing and funny at the same time. I'm always in awe with the writing. Then there's the acting. Six Feet Under has some of the most talented actors (Peter Krause as Nate, Michael C. Hall as David, Frances Conroy as Ruth, Lauren Ambrose as Claire, Rachel Griffith as Brenda, James Cromwell, Matthew St. Patrick, Kathy Bates, Patricia Clarkson... the list goes on and on and on) and some of the most amazing performances. Together, the organic writing and acting (and the artful production) make the show so real.

That's why the final episode hit me so hard. Because I believed in them and their trials and tribulations. The grief they went through. The joy they experienced. The love, loss and relationships they endured.

I think it's brilliant that they delivered the shocking and climatic death of Nate (a central character) 3 episodes before the finale, then let us see the grieving process unfold within the Fisher clan. For a show about death, they chose to show us life afterward.

And that's it. Part of the impact of the show is that it's really about life. About living.

The final 15 minutes and the montage as Claire drove through the desert hit me really hard. I watched, awestruck and breathless, as each major character met his or her demise. To me, it was like watching my family and friends die. It was like having gone to 6 or 7 funerals in 15 minutes. There's that finality. The goodbyes that are so hard to say.

But most impressively, they show us how they lived their lives. It reminds us of our own mortality, that we all die, eventually. Some suddenly and tragically, and some naturally. But we all die. It's how we live and love and take it all in and remember that is important.

"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone." Indeed. What we have, really, are feelings and memories.

The final 15 minutes also reminds me of my own life, adventures, relationships, and losses. As Claire leaves for New York for her new life, I reflect on my own departures. How I said goodbye to my friends and family when I left for the US. The sense of loss and dread, mixed with excitement of the unknown future.

Sia's "Breathe Me" was a perfect soundtrack for the last 5 minutes. The haunting song gave the ending such incredibly emotional punch.

The song and these final images are branded vivid in my mind now. Can't shake them. And for four days I've been thinking about what I saw and heard, reflecting on my own life and losses. And I feel blessed.

I will keep thinking. And feeling. And loving. And living.

The final episode of Six Feet Under was the most powerful show I've ever seen and experienced.
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The best 10 minutes I have ever seen
zbyp19 March 2009
I just finished watching SFU. Before giving my opinion I would like to say that I’ve watched a lot of great TV-series such as The X Files, Twin Peaks, Dexter, etc. I think they somehow changed me. But Six Feet Under especially the last episode, last 10 minutes was the greatest experience. I can’t remember the time that i cried (probably when i was a child), but during this last 10 minutes crying was all i did, and also another half an hour after that. I see now what people are, that without them you are nothing, maybe you can be happy alone but how long??? I know now that i need to change many in my life, if i had seen SFU earlier i wouldn’t have hurt so many people's feelings. I am 25 (was born in 1983 like Claire) and wonder now if i’ll read this in the future, how my life would be then. All i know is that this last 10 minutes i will never forget.
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Best ending to a TV series!! Period!!
thompsjf12 April 2008
I watched the final episode when it came out back in 2005 and the last 15 minutes took my breathe away. I never realized how attached I became to those fictional characters. This episode still haunts me. In 2008, I am currently station in Afghanistan and again re-watched the entire series again on DVD. Even though I knew how the series would end, the final episode still had the same impact on me as the first time I saw it. I can not believe how it still haunts my memories. This has to be the best ending to a TV series ever. We do get total closure on all of the characters in the series. This will sound "corny" but this episode has changed the way I looked at life and it made me appreciate the people in my life more.
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Worth Watching the Entire Series, Just for this Episode
whydoeseverythingsuck12 March 2008
Much has already been stated about this episode, and having just completed it I feel compelled to make my first post on IMDb.

Simply put, this is a marvel of cinema. I enjoyed the series as a whole, but even those parts that did not so completely capture my interest were validated by this finale.

I can honestly say that I have never seen the like. Finales as a whole tend to be either obvious or lacking despite being perhaps the most important of all episodes in a given series.

I would just like to encourage anyone who hasn't seen this show to watch it from start to finish even if they aren't mesmerized by it just to fully understand and absorb this incredible conclusion.

I can't speak highly enough of it, this is a masterpiece.
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ekho379 February 2007
Speechless would sum it up for me. This was the best ending to an amazing series. It will put you through a whirlwind of emotions. My husband and I just sat there in a trance. We were so excited to see the last episode but yet sad at the same time. We have watched the series from the beginning and you start to feel like you are a part of the Fisher family. We felt like we could relate to so many of the episodes. This last one though had the perfect ending. Just thinking about it makes me teary eyed. When it was all over with we looked at each other and said "now what?" It was like saying goodbye to your foster family. For those of you who haven't seen it...be prepared to be left speechless. Oh and don't forget the tissues, you will probably need them.
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If you think life is a vending machine where you put vertu to gain happiness, you're screwed
yannickwolfe8 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As a cable subscriber, I've seen many television series. Some good, some worse. Six feet under is, and by far, the best television drama. Never before I've seen such emotion, such humor, life or death printed on film. From the pilot episode to the grand finale, every minute of that show is somehow refreshing or disturbing. Every part of the soundtrack ( from Radiohead's magnificent Lucky to Nina Simone's Feeling good ) make you listen until the last second. Here's what I think of the, unfortunately, last episode.

The final episode is kinda the perfect closure. You know it's over for everyone. The first 55 minutes of the show are in the mood as previous ones but the last 15 minutes or so blows you away. Even if I'm a sensitive man, I haven't cried many times watching television or movies. This time I did. Imagine the sadness of 5 more seasons into one single shot in the vain. Drastic. One important thing to mention, the last episode is the only one where no one dies. Would the last one be the only one bringing life instead of death? I think so. And, to be honest, it was the right thing to do.

After carefully watching that show for years now, I can assure you one thing. Death sucks in every way, whatever other can say or do. It simply sucks. Life is not a vending machine where you put vertu to get happiness and we should really get the best of it. As silly as it may seems, I'm a different man now. Not after that last episode, neither after watching the whole show. But having that state of mind stuck in your brain for years make you see things differently. Really.

I hope you enjoyed Six Feet Under as much as I did. Sometimes television can really move you elsewhere, that you could have never reach by other means. Enjoy your life while you can.
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nathaliamueller26 December 2007
This is the most perfect end for a TV series I've ever seen. It is unexpected in so many ways and yet it is just what is should be. After seeing this episode, I am totally convinced that there could not have been a better ending for this series. It was perfectly written and acted out and it was just the right moment to end the series. I have seen this episode at least three times and I've wept every time -- and I'm really not someone who shows emotions.

The power of this episode stems from the fact that throughout the series, you feel like a member of the Fisher family and it is just heartbreaking to see the series end -- at the same time it is perfect. As eloquent as I'd like to sound, there is no word that describes this better than perfect.

It's the most fitting way to say goodbye to the Fishers and their friends.
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Simply The Best
danielshotmale24 July 2006
So sad that the best television in years is now over. But what an ending.

In recent years American television has produced two masterpieces "Angels In America" and "Six Feet Under" both HBO productions. Well done HBO.

From Episode 1 to this last chapter every part an experience and a joy to watch. Why can't more producers, both TV and Film, learn from this production? Maybe then more people would pay attention to their products.

The sublime acting of Frances Conroy has been a joy throughout, why that woman does not have 5 Emmys (One for each season) is a mystery to me.

All of the cast has produced a wonderful and believable portrayals of real people living real lives. A credit to them, the writers and directors. Even their encounters with the dead, totally believable, who hasn't wanted to reconcile with the ghosts in their lives as the characters in this show have done? Again a sublime series. So sad to see the end, but what a superb way to end it making me question my own mortality. Truly moving.
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Parting is such Bittersweet Sorrow...
ben-15217 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
More then a year ago, I began to watch the show Six Feet Under because friends and relatives recommended it to me. All of the seasons were on DVD and conveniently located at my local Library. Wondering how amazing this show was, I rented the first season. After the first ten minutes, I was blown away. Seriously. Already did I know that this was one true to life family. So in a flash, I finished that and went for Season 2 and so on. And for the most part, it stayed true to life and solid. Eventually, I picked up Season Five to watch.

Suddenly, I realized that this was the end. That after this, there was no more of the show left and that the saga would have to end. Many people said it was an amazing ending, so I just couldn't wait to watch it at the same time dreading it's conclusion. In this season, Nate and Brenda, the ultimate on/off couple finally get married, but Nate screws this up by having a small affair. David and Keith (One of the most realistic Gay couples in TV or Movie history) finally decide to adopt kids, but while they both feel the true responsibility of raising children, David fears Keith's heterosexual desires will take over. Ruth has to deal with her husband, George returning from his stay in a mental hospital after obsessing over his bomb shelter. Rico, the Fisher's longtime friend has to deal with the rift in his marriage after cheating on her. Claire, the daughter is facing isolation after dropping out of college and works in a dead end business. Very, very true to life. As the season and series winds down, we look back at the many things that happened to the Fishers and their friends. Nate was diagnosed with a defect in his heart, Ruth tries to deal with her husband dying and fix the space between her and her sister Sarah, Claire got pregnant and had to abort her child, and David had to keep his gay secret away from his loved ones for the beginning, and many more events happened both sad and happy.

Then comes the final episodes.

To say that the final episodes of Six Feet Under were moving and haunting is a huge understatement. The final episodes were one of the biggest doses of reality from a TV show. I laughed at some of the quips characters made, I cried when they moved on, and at the episode where it's central character Nate dies before it's fully over. His funeral was so heart wrenching, the family coping with the death of Nate was moving and everything just splendid.

All of this leaded up to the last episode of Six Feet Under. And possibly the best.

In Six Feet Under's last episode, all the loose ends are tied, characters reunited and it seems perfect. Just you wait for those final five minutes. In those five minutes alone, I have cried harder then ever at any book, movie or song. Watching every character I loved die was so shattering and just incredibly done. The way it ended doesn't need any changes or suggestions to improve, it just flat out delivered. The song, 'Breathe Me' by Sia was pitch perfect and worked amazingly with the finale. Funny how in the beginning I wished it never ended, now I'm glad it ended perfectly and at the right time. So watch the final episode if Six Feet Under, I'm sure you won't regret it.
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krains27 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There is probably only one other ending in all filmdom history to compare with SFU "Everyone's Waiting", and that's the last 10 minutes of "Casablanca". The last six minutes is also probably the best music video ever made.

I watched finale of SFU with my sister. She lives in California and I live in Texas, but each week we would talk on the phone about the episodes shown each Sunday night. It was nice to be with her during this finale.

We sat breathlessly on the couch watching the demise of each of the major characters. I was especially touched by David seeing Keith before he died because it mirrors something which happened to me.

After the show ended, we could not speak. I went outside, gazed at the stars, moon and lake and took stock of things.
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Life Goes On, Until It Ends
claudio_carvalho19 August 2007
Brenda has troubles in the delivery of the premature Willa in the Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Claire is feeling lost, not sure whether she is not good to be an artist. She is invited by a New York City agency to work as assistant photographer. Keith uses his savings to buy Rico's share in the funeral house. Ruth moves to Sarah's place. David defeats his fears and ghosts and recovers his sanity. Claire moves to New York, while envisions the fate of each character.

Everything comes to an end, including this magnificent show. It is amazing how wonderful an unpleasant theme like death can be brought to audiences, supported by credible, realistic human stories and outstanding performances. I am certainly going to miss this show, one of the best ever produced by television. The conclusion, disclosing the death of each character, was unique and very touching. Congratulations to all the people involved in bringing this awesome series to my home. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Todos a Espera" ("Everybody Waiting")
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Probably the hardest goodbye I've ever had with a show
WalterSoprano13 November 2014
Oh man the end is now past me and I can't believe that that is the last time I get to see the fishers in there dysfunctional glory. No matter whether if I hated the character at one point or another it still was so hard to say goodbye to all these amazing characters that you become connected with in six feet under. So now I say goodbye to the show.

Now a review for the episode, I will say this is probably the second best series finale I've ever seen and is close with number one. But man the show had me worried for a minute there. As the ending came closer and closer the ending just didn't seem to have completely earned its 9.9/10 rating it has. And then bam the last 10 minutes makes the show close with probably the most memorable ending I've seen to a series.

I will guarantee I will rematch this series to enjoy every amazing second of this comedy drama and I will not take it for granted this time around. So now I can guarantee this is one of the top 5 shows of all time if you ask me. So what are you waiting for, go buy this show and watch it.
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Nothing can stand beside it, NOTHING! How?
adriar_deserteagle23 December 2013
Among numerous TV series the final episode of Six Feet Under takes the series at an extra level of greatness. I got to tell you, if the finale was not as it is, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have looked at this series as admirably as I do now. This now leads me saying to people, 'look, if you do not want a series that would make you carry out unsuccessful operations of searching what's in six feet under in other TV series, if you do not want to feel regretted that you actually finished watching a series, then do not watch Six Feet Under'. The final was as simple and beautiful as the series itself; no climax, no sudden plot twisting deaths, no unexpected change of story line. That's what makes it gorgeous. Before this episode was aired, word went around from Six Feet Under crew that the finale will be absolutely mind-blowing. So consequently, audience expected something extremely special. But when it was aired, the audience realized that they saw something that reaches not even the sea-shore of their expected complicated endings. Instead it delivers something which is quite simple but its beauty stretches far beyond the sea of their imagination. Especially the last couple of minutes; if its simplicity, sweetness and unbearable sadness doesn't make you weep openly until the credits rolled, then maybe you weren't watching. Honestly, I don't know how the creator came to realize the beauty of this ending because when you think it in papers, it REALLY seem rather ordinary. It's just one last ultimate bit of audacity and pure ingenuity of Alan Ball with his brilliant writing and direction which made possible to give a gem of television era a sealing of utter perfection.

Peace out!
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Best Finale to a Series Ever
thecunn7 April 2014
Everyone's Waiting maybe the best finale to a TV series ever. I very nearly passed up watching this series. I had no idea that a show about a family mortuary business could teach so much about love and life. Most of the main characters are extremely dysfunctional. At times the behaviors of all the Chenowiths and all the Fishers were like finger nails on a chalk board...enough to make you scream. The series shows how imperfect we all are, how difficult living is and in the end what love really is. If you have watched this series but missed the ending you absolutely MUST SEE IT. It ties the entire series together in an extremely moving manner. In fact most of the main characters grow in life changing ways. Unless you have a heart of stone you will not watch with dry eyes.
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shmorg_38131 March 2009
After watching the last episode, I can see why it is so highly referred and praised. What made this such a great show was not the fact that it was about death and living in a funeral home, but how it was about life and the lives of the people living in that funeral home. The character's are extremely believable and compelling, the situations that they're put through are moving and the way they chose to end this series was beautiful. It is truly within the last 5-6 minutes that everything comes to fruition. Life moves on before Everything Comes To an End. To me, this is why it's such a excellent series.

One more thing...If you are in no way moved by the last bit of this series after watching it as a whole, then there's something wrong with you. Enjoy
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Absolutely Amazing
gbutler866 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
there is not much too say, because there is so much to say. One of the most unforgettable moments of my film watching experiences. The truth and reality you feel during the last 10 minutes somehow transcends you from a viewer to a part of this world Alan Ball created. As you watch the series close you realize that you did become emotionally as connected to these characters as you would maybe a neighbor living three doors down. they were familiar and you watch as the questions you always wonder about loved ones are answered way too well, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of celebration and loss..... Today they announced the Emmy's and this episode was nominated for At least 2 awards as well as Peter Krause and the lovely Francis Conroy. If this episode loses to some fecal episode of Lost or Desperate Housewives, i will never EVER watch and awards show again. I don't care if The Pope is nominated for a hip hop record, i will keep my boycott alive. to those of you that have seen this episode, hell, this series you understand what it is O am trying to convey. For those who haven't seen it watch. very rarely are we lucky enough to have a show that meant so much to so many end in a way that is worthy of its build up. Please let's pray the Mob from North Jersey doesn't let us down....
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Pefect Ending
Flups2126 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Six Feet Under was a ground breaking show, no pun intended.

And, in its final episode it dug deeper than any show had done prior. I had long thought that final episode of MASH had gone there. That episode made us say goodbye to our beloved characters fully intact, at least from a physical standpoint.

Six Feet Under took us further. We knew that the final episode was the final episode. But, it showed us how each of the characters met their end. And, with context, perfectly so. It left no questions and none of us wondering why they went that way. It gave us closure. After all the years we watched them deal with death, we watched there's and were able to mourn them in kind.

The show was one in which you had to love each of the characters. It had shown us that they each had their own story, their own way of living. That, by the end, they had come to terms with who they were and happy nonetheless.

It is through Claire's eyes that we see the end unfold. And, maybe, that was how we saw the story all along.

A family like we never saw before. And they showed us that, for better or worse, family is forever.
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The best piece of entertainment ever
Mark-vitale122 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The last episode of Six Feet Under truly took me by surprise. It is the perfect end to an amazing emotional journey through the eyes of an incredibly realistic portrayal of life. The last ten minutes from when Claire turns off her alarm, to the credits had me choked with tears. I have seen it numerous times after that and each time it is just as emotional as it was the first time. It really truly makes you feel as though you are grieving the death of a close friend or family member.

The closure that the writers give to the show is unique and well thought out. It makes you think about yourself and the ones that you love, and ask yourself what will you do when your time comes to say goodbye. Truly a masterful piece of art that enables it to be probably the best thing to ever hit the TV screen. I am so grateful to Allan Ball, and although it is so hard to say goodbye, I am damn glad that they did it this way
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the last 10 minutes alone make the series complete for me...
christiexroad5 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This definitely contains spoilers, but before we get int that, a couple things I want to mention first. Every time I watch this episode, I spend the whole time crying my eyes out. Yes, it's sad, of course, but it's more beautiful than anything else. This TV show took the reality of life and death, put real characters in it, and it ended up stealing my heart. This last episode though was so incredibly breathtaking. It is easily the best ending to a TV series I've ever seen in my life, and I'm a huge TV fan because I feel like it's more personal to connect to these characters over a span of years vs. trying to connect to characters in a 2 hour sequence. Still, the show may be hard to get into at first, but do yourself a favor and watch it, especially for the last few episodes of the series, but at least for the last episode itself, but don't skip to the end either!!! *shakes finger at you* :p

****spoilers below****

Watchers get to see the future of everyone's lives. We get to see the joys of David and Keith's marriage, Claire's marriage, and everyone's time spent with family. We see everyone's last moments, showing that everyone eventually dies, some of them far too soon. The way the people involved in the show (writers and directors etc.) did it, with the CD mix playing in the background, as Claire is driving away to New York to pursue her dreams.. It's as if, Claire is seeing into the future, seeing what becomes of her friends and family. Finally we see Claire lying in a bed, with cataracts covering her eyes, as she stares at the wall of photos she's taken of her loved ones over the years, knowing how blessed she truly was, and she takes her last breath. As the music continues, the last scene is of Claire, as she is still driving on her way to New York with her whole life ahead of her. I like to dare people not to cry, but it seems so impossible. Everyone involved with Six Feet Under did a truly amazing job with the series by not dragging it out, by giving watchers every bit of closure needed, and my wrapping up all the wonderful bits of wisdom the show has instilled in it's watchers over the seasons. It's just plain amazing, brilliant even.
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Simply put, the best thing I've ever watched on any form of screen.
negronke18 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It was something about this series finale that literally made the entire series for me. It's like everything clicked.

Having previously known about Nate's death because of the 'In Memoriam' booklet that came with the DVD box set I was very skeptical that SFU's series finale would be "one of the best ever". Well I'm here to tell you that this was not only the best series finale I have ever seen, but this single episode propelled the show in to my favorite television series of all-time. It was already up there competing with my top five but this episode sealed it. Perfection.

The growth of Claire's character in this season, especially in the last couple of episodes, was incredible and propelled her to my second favorite character in the show behind David.

The last six minutes of Six Feet Under will stay with me forever and has left an invaluable print on my heart. For those of you who have not yet watched this episode, I'm jealous...enjoy.
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Perfect Conclusion to a Transcendent Series
drbaltar623 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"You can't take a picture of this; it's already gone."

This was the perfect way to end the series. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's true. There is nothing to write about "Everyone's Waiting" that hasn't already been written, because that's how good Six Feet Under's series finale really is. This episode is quite rare in that it is almost universally recognized for its greatness - not only does it do itself the service of tying the series together in the most beautiful and appropriate way possible, but the way the show had built itself all along ensures that, once it gets there, the conclusion will satisfy everyone. The episode opens perfectly. Perfection is the first and best word to describe the entire episode, from the outset. Then it continues perfectly, one moment to the next. The entire final chapter tells itself in a state of heightened awareness, almost a sense of fragility - and the episode appropriately takes its viewers through Six Feet Under's most wild roller-coaster of emotions and tactics yet, all while maintaining complete tonal consistency. Every character is treated with respect and love, every aspect of the series remembered fondly, and most of all, "Everyone's Waiting" looks at life itself with a quietly touching sense of awe. Everyone has been talking about this. The the series, the finale, all of it. Some say that the series finale alone makes the rest of Six Feet Under worth watching. I'd say it a little differently. "Everyone's Waiting" is the perfect final proof of why watching Six Feet Under, beginning to end, is worth your time.

+ Tense, chilling, and ultimately beautifully symbolic Opening "Death"

+ Conscious, effective cinematography

+ Complex, layered soundtrack

+Arresting attentiveness to pacing and volume

+ Nate remains central to the show through the very end

+ Everyone important returns (and by extension, in the last minutes, Six Feet Under essentially covers every potential character combination possible)!

+ Satisfyingly cinematic touches (Claire and Ted's bedroom scene, David's viscerally terrifying nightmare, the closing montage, etc.)

+The performances (from every cast member)

+ The perfect resolutions for everything David

+ David hugs David

+ Brenda's final moments with Nate and Willa

+ Ruth and George

+ Brenda and Ruth

+ Ruth and Claire

+ Even Bettina gets some closure!

+ The final (normal) moments of the show, with the sweeping, fluid motion of the camera, the glow of the colors and faces on screen...the general building vitality of Six Feet Under's dying breaths

+ One last dinner

+ One last moment of Alan Ball Weirdness

+ Goodbyes

+ A perfect line to end the series

+ And then another ten minutes of gorgeous, cathartic, wordless perfection

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shimrit_por4 July 2019
I had never cried in front of my tv like i cried in these last tow apisods. I dont know if i was craying over them or crying over myself. You find yorself sitting and watching over them and when they died you feel like you knew each one of them. Amazing series amazing actors you all just own it to yourself to watch it! Its a life changing experienc. Wow
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Moving, creatively brilliant and emotional beyond ordinary words...
jschott655 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have reviewed the entire series, of course, but this particular episode, Everyone's Waiting, is worthy of it's own critique.

Currently 2016, I originally watched SFU back when it premiered on HBO in 2001. Like most people, I was hooked in the first few minutes. Considering the other HBO masterpieces I've come to love, I had a feeling going in the this show would be no different, but I had really no idea how good it would be.

Each season has it's own unique flavor, and none of them is my favorite. They're all equally great, but I suppose if I had to pick, I loved Season 4 when Clair was in art school. In Season 5, you begin the feel the beginning of the end. You feel as though you're family, the Fishers, are about to all go away for good. By this time, you have become to know these characters in their deepest and most personal form. You root for them, in every way, despite their misgivings and innate human flaws. You hate them at times, you dislike them, but you always care for them no matter what. In this episode, it's time to let them all go.

Everyone is the star of this episode, but a lot rests on the shoulders of Clair, who's true calling is about to come to fruition. You're excited for her. She's turned into such a stunning young lady with a bright future ahead of her. You're really sad though because she's just met Ted, who seems to be the love of her life. In the final moments of this remarkable series, her exit from her family as well as from Fisher and Diaz, is the catalyst for the most extraordinary few minutes in television. You are about to be moved like you've never been moved before. I can think of emotional scenes in television and in movies, but this is truly something extra, something that will leave you either speechless, sobbing, or both.

In my case, since watching the SFU back when it was on HBO, this series' finale is something I've watched over and over on Youtube and it never ever fails to stir my emotions. There simply aren't adjectives to describe the feelings you'll experience. Believe these reviews, because they are all 100% true. If you have one series to watch from beginning to end, this is the one. Make certain though you watch the finale with someone who's already a fan, or you'll need to watch it alone. Give yourself at least half an hour afterward to pull yourself together though. You'll need it. Goodbye Nathaniel, Nate, David, Claire, Ruth, Brenda, Billy, Keith, and Federico and Vanessa....I will miss you.
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