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The host for the episode is Robert Hayes, and the musical guests are Joe 'King' Carrasco & The Crown and 14 Karat Soul. The skits for this episode are as follows: Ted Koppel announces that now that the hostages are safely back from Iran, NBC News will continue to harass their families as they count the former hostages' days out of captivity. For his opening monologue, Robert Hays notes that NBC will be using a new instant Neilsen Rating system to let everyone know how popular the show is, then is forced to start ad-libbing provocative topics to get the ratings back up. A Native American pitches the psychedelic pleasures of mushroom-based Dazola spread. Robert finds an inflatable prostitute in his hotel room, accompanied by her inflatable pimp. A sports reporter interviews video game champion Eddie Atari. NBC holds a telethon to help save the network. Three panelists discuss the upcoming Super Bowl, getting outrageously worked up over the game's importance. When the musician hired for a ...

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