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Kelsey Grammar with Shaquille O'Neal and Sheryl Crow on SNL
tavm14 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Cold opening has President Clinton (Darrel Hammond) and his First Lady (Ana Gasteyer) not speaking in bed with Bill turning on the TV and seeing nothing but mentions of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Hammond silently says, "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" In the monologue, Kelsey Grammar talks about alternate versions of his Frasier theme song with the first version changing the Cheers lyrics to mentioning Frasier several times, a rap version about the title character's father Martin, and the actual theme with different foods for words. On NPR Delicious Dish, the Ana and Molly characters are in the woods with a guest (Grammar) who talks about GORP (an acronym whose first letter stands for Granola but I forgot the rest) but then ends up talking about how he had to survive a mountain experience by eating one of his traveling mates. Next is a Baywatch sketch with Grammar as the director getting Shannon, Gasteyer, and Oteri to open up their feelings while getting them hosed down. Since the ending is a surprise, I won't reveal it here. After that is a Film Noir skit with Grammar a detective and Shannon his client but all Grammar could think of is eating a burrito. On Weekend Update with Colin Quinn, we find Linda Tripp answered truthfully on her lie detector test about her tape conversions with Lewinsky except when she mentioned 200 pounds. And the movie Rush Hour is the first successful black-Asian teaming since Tiger Woods. Sheryl Crow sings "My Favorite Mistake". Shaquille O'Neal was in two sketches: One with Tracy Morgan as the father spanking him and putting his head in his lap and one of the Morning Latte sketch with Cheri O'Teri and Will Ferrel talking Shaq's CD, and the producer's (Chris Kattan) sexual harassment case. There's also an interesting cartoon called Maakies by Tony Millionaire in which a janitor monkey on a ship is annoyed at some singing rats so he cuts one of them in half! To know about the rest of the show I suggest you seek this one out for the next airing on Classic Saturday Night Live in the wee hours of the morning but I do highly recommend it to die-hard SNL fans!
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