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Anthony Dawson steals the show
ingemar-429 September 2009
Anthony Dawson as the annoying Floyd Vosper is the big star of this show. Every line he has is sharp, witty and evil, and he backs it up visually. In particular, Dawson vs Moore is great!

Otherwise, the story is a classic crime story, with a considerable amount of Agatha Cristie style. Just like in Christie stories, it is not about action but about individuals and relationships.

With Anthony Dawson, Honor Blackman and Roger Moore in the same show, it is certainly a must-see for Bond fans. (Blackman was Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger", and Dawson was both professor Dent in "Dr No" and was Blofeld in both "From Russia with love" and "Thunderball".)
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The Saint channels Agatha Christie
Leofwine_draca19 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE ARROW OF GOD is a very fine little episode of THE SAINT which plays out as a murder mystery with Templar playing the role of the detective. A star-studded cast improves things no end and if there's no action here, it doesn't matter because watching the actors interact is entertainment enough in itself. It's very much an 'old dark house' (or perhaps new dark house) mystery in the Agatha Christie mould, with the delightfully unpleasant Anthony Dawson finding himself bumped off and Templar choosing between the suspects. Honor Blackman is as lovely as ever, while John Carson bizarrely dons the boot polish to play an Indian mystic and Ronald Leigh-Hunt and Elspeth March bring the old-time gravitas.
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Arrow misses the mark
zeppo-29 April 2006
Complete pedestrian episode in the series, with no action at all, Simon never even gets to hit anyone or get his hair mussed! A slimy gossip columnist is killed and it's up to our hero to find the true murderer from the list of subjects. Everyone, as the newspaper man was loathed by all. But it doesn't take long to work it all out in this rather tired and lethargic story.

Stock footage at the start of the Bahamas is followed by set bound studio filming as was usual in this programme, although it seems even more obvious when the story doesn't hold the interest.

Honour Blackman is mildly distracting as the eye candy here and the rest of the cast do well with what they have to work with but it never rises above the routine.
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