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The Pre Teen Kids Has A Telethon and Maudlin Has A Movie
Jimmy_the_Gent430 September 2018
The government cuts funds for Pre Teen World so the kids have a telethon.

The first scene has Gerry Todd with a hands off remote that he wears on his head, Tim Ishimuni continues his video war with him.

Rawl Withers has a commercial for the National Midnight Star and plugs the upcoming People's Global Golden Choice Awards. The main story gets started with Pre Teen kids Alexis and Stefan (nervously gulping) to ask for donations.

John Candy plays Turk Gruman Police Dispatcher in a promo, he fights with his superior over wearing his slippers on the job. Sammy Maudlin has his own early 1960s rat pack type movie Maudlin's Eleven, which also stars Bobby Bittman, William B., Bill Needle and Bobby's brother Skip. There is some funny swinging hep cat dialogue and musical numbers. Needle also introduces his stripper wife Honey. The group plans a heist at Desilu studios in Danny Thomas' dressing room.

Mrs Prickley has a movie promo Prickley Heat, a spoof of the the sexy thriller Body Heat. Dave and Rick play Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon in a sketch called Shake and Bake.

Nightline Melonville has Earl reporting on the kidnapping of Mayor Shank's grandson but he just stayed longer at the soda shop. Floyd calls Earl a knucklehead.

The telethon continues with some funny scenes. Cathy has a crush on Darren (Dave Thomas) when he makes an impassioned speech. Paul (Eugene Levy), a buck toothed math whiz tries to count up the donations on a chalkboard. Paul and Stefan join up with Steve (Rick Moranis) as a musical group called the Recess Monkeys. They do a hilarious version of the Chilliwack song My Girl. Alexis and Cathy try to do a tap dancing routine to Hall and Oates I Can't Go For That but are interrupted by the boys playing soccer on the set.

The kids end up mostly all falling asleep except for Darren and Guy comes in to check the totals. Guy recites the words to You'll Never Walk Alone while Darren rides around in his wheelchair. The show ends with promo for upcoming awards show.
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