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Aha! It was a TV Show!
Hitchcoc17 April 2006
This must have been something, even in 1954. The terrible costumes (in this one they look like they borrowed Civil War uniforms from the Union Army). The plot involves a gypsy moon, ruled by an evil woman who, given information that she is on a collision course with another moon, decides to let everyone on the other moon die. Rocky Jones is the hero. He has a sidekick named Winky. There's a space girl who wears short dresses and has a robe that's always in the way. There's also an egg headed professor and a kid who looks like a refugee from Rin Tin Tin. Everything is about as cheap as cheap can be. The takeoffs and landings are always the same. There are cardboard trees and cardboard buildings. They use "space" slang (whatever that is). They are always optimistic. Rocky saves the day several times, even though his incompetent companions do everything they can to mess things up. Sometimes people talk about the "golden age of television." This is an example that things weren't always that great. Nevertheless, if you lie back and listen to them talk, you may get a kick out of it.
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The "Gypsy Moons"
bkoganbing7 April 2010
Rocky Jones and his crew of Space Rangers operating from the United Worlds Organization have a mission of mercy if they can carry it out. The 'gypsy moon' of Posita is about to crash into a planet called Officius which is ruled by the archenemy of the United Worlds, Queen Cleolanta. You would have had to have been watching Rocky Jones as a kid as I was back in the day to know about all the history Rocky had with Cleolanta, but even just in seeing this episode on video you know what a wicked woman she was.

But her world is about to come to an end. Rocky and the crew also were acquainted with Posita from a previous episode in the series and its ruler played by the future Sergeant Schultz, John Banner. This gypsy moon revolves in no fixed orbit, but revolves around another gypsy moon called Nagato and they share a combined atmosphere.

Here's where the science really goes askew. Our life on earth such as it is comes from our sun. There are a lot of floating bodies in space that we know are quite devoid of life because they can't sustain it. The gypsy moon can't exist in the natural universe.

But it does in Rocky Jones and Rocky's mission is to save the people of both worlds before the inevitable. And of course with the egomaniacal Cleolanta running Officus the task won't be easy.

Rocky Jones was great fun as a kid and it's high camp to view now. This episode was typical of the series.
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