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Farewell, Jim
stones7829 November 2010
This was the final episode to be aired, but not filmed, and it revolves around Jim doing some fishing in a small town called Parma. While fishing, a man in a backpack stumbles unto Jim and basically falls prey to an illness and Jim gets him to a hospital. It turns out that this guy has an important vote in the little town, and needs Jim to do a vote by proxy for legal gambling. Shortly after checking into a local motel, a mob guy from Newark(naturally)tries to force Jim to vote one way, and the town locals warn Jim to leave town and not to vote. It turns out that every time he tries to leave, either his car is stolen or he's subdued at the bus stop. The state police come in and save the day before the final vote takes place, and the man who set up Jim as a fall guy, winds up murdered. I wouldn't highly recommend this episode, even though it's the final one aired in 1980, mainly because none of the regulars like Dennis, Rocky, Chapman, or Angel are involved at all. There's a nosy reporter who follows Jim around and eventually they make things right in the corrupt town, as Jim ends up in jail and she gets the state police involved.

The last shot at least has Jim in his Firebird, so the show ends on a good note, even though the mechanic who ended up fixing Jim's supposed stolen car messes something up, as the car sputters until the screen does the usual freeze when the show is finished. It's too bad we couldn't see Jim's trailer and the beach one more time, but it wasn't meant to be.
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As slick a con as Angel ever pulled
bkoganbing31 March 2015
Jim Rockford solves no more cases and gets in no more jackpots after this episode. We would not see Rockford again until some made for TV movies in the Nineties made their debut. A sad goodbye to one of the most inventive series ever done on television in terms of writing and character creation.

There's a nest full of characters in this last episode in the sleepy mountain town of Parma, California where James Garner has gone to do a little trout fishing. While enjoying a little of the catch over a campfire with Michael Cavanaugh whom he met on the trail Cavanaugh doubles over and says he has stomach pains. As it turns out he's one of 6 town council-members and he gives this total stranger his proxy for an upcoming vote in the town.

All I can say is that this was as slick a con job that even Angel Martin would be proud of. Garner is now involved in a city proposition fight to bring casino gambling to the sleepy town with all kinds of shady people on both sides. Cavanaugh himself winds up dead and then his body is hidden.

Two of the shadiest are these innocent country hicks Jerry Hardin who is town pharmacist as well as mayor and Henry Beckmann just a simple country sheriff, but nothing like Andy Griffith.

I could never quite believe that Garner could let himself get slickered so easily. Still these characters are quite up to the Rockford Files standard.
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Sad way to end the series.
mm-397 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Deadlock in Parma is an Okay episode. There is an interesting city counsel vote on some sorta land deal and Jim get's suckered into another con. Jim gets involved with a city counsel vote with the back East mob, and the corrupted sheriff. The mob wants Jim to stay in the hotel and vote while the crooked sheriff drives Jim out of town. Their is a good looking female report and a mystery. The Rockford series was getting a bit formulated in the final episode. Jim gets pulled into a con mystery, and must use the con/sting style wits to resolve the problem. There is the cliches of the heavy bad guys from the east Coast mob and dirty sheriff. Of course their is always the pretty girl. The gal is either a victim, lawyer, or reporter. A car chase and fights are added to the mix. As the 70's bleeds into the 80's we see a 70's classic fade with a whimper! Sad for a classic 70's series, which defined 70's television. Many 80's show copied Rockford's style with a different flair. Maybe with the law suit and injuries to James their could of been Jim training a protege and some sort of different spin for the series to end on a better way. Regrettable, Deadlock in Parma is the season final. No big budget, with memorable story. Okay episode but no finale. 6 stars.
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