"Roar" The Cage (TV Episode 1997) Poster

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Lisa Zane: Queen Diana


  • Queen Diana : Rome is sending an emissary to check up on me.

    Longinus : What?

    Queen Diana : Word has filtered back that you've usurped my power, that Conor's alliance is gaining strength. If the emissary doesn't return with a sterling report, they'll send a thousand soldiers in his wake.

    Longinus : I'll bury them.

    Queen Diana : A legion? Do that and the entire empire will come raining down upon you. No, Longinus, you're going to have to show this man what he wants to see - me, in control

    Longinus : Who's being selfish now?

    Queen Diana : And he's going to want to see Conor destroyed.

    Longinus : You do love the game, don't you, Diana?

  • Longinus : May I ask what you're doing?

    Queen Diana : I'm building a cage, Longinus, a trophy case. And guess who we're going to put in it.

    Longinus : What an ambitious woman you are. How do you suppose you're going to get him in there?

    Queen Diana : Well, I trapped you, didn't I? I think he'll look nice hanging in our entryway.

    Longinus : My love, your plan has poetry and beauty... and not a chance of success.

  • Longinus : What news today?

    Dunn : Conor is in love with Fergus' daughter.

    Queen Diana : What?

    Dunn : If you want the prince, the girl will be the key. Of course, we're gonna have to get rid of her father first.

  • Longinus : [to Conor]  I'm actually grateful to you. I haven't felt pleasure like this in centuries. I get such satisfaction from your pain. I think you're going to like your new home. You know, you're here courtesy of your beloved, but I have a surprise for her. She's not going to Rome. She's staying here. She's going to play with me and you get to watch.

    Queen Diana : That is not what we agreed to.

    Longinus : You should know me better than that, my love.

    Queen Diana : We had a deal! When the emissary arrives, I am the queen, you are my adviser and he is *my* prisoner.

    Longinus : Well, as your adviser, let me advise you to think of a new story, because I have captured the leader of the savages, I have control of the island and you can go to your room. Better think fast.

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