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AMAZING (JT and Rage get hitched!)
PoisonKeyblade31 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 506 "What did I expect? That life might imitate art. I've heard it's been known to happen." ~Justin

This was another extremely positive episode that I absolutely LOVED! Debbie takes back her job at the diner, and Emmett takes some chances with his role as "Queer Guy" (the confrontation sequence with Gale Harold and Peter Paige was fantastic.) The two of them (Paige and Harold) once again have fantastic on-screen chemistry and perfectly play off of one another. Hunter's life may be pretty much in the crapper, but I didn't think all hope was lost! The ending was so saddening and utterly heartbreaking. I'm so glad that the writers chose to bring back Troy (he is so unbelievably hot!) The actor does a great job and has amazing chemistry with Scott Lowell. It was a very big (and wise) step to make the characters of Rage and JT get married in the comic book world. All the characters seem to be making huge steps in their lives and I want to be the first to guess that Lindsay and Melanie will end up back together.
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Episode #5.6
ComedyFan201020 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, the whole story of Hunter is great right now. Absolutely amazing performances by all three of them! The scene when Hunter leaves is very heart breaking.

Was great to see Debbie back where she belongs, she really doesn't seem to be a housewife and needs to be in the diner

I like Brian a lot now. His actions and a more vocal than usually dislike for relationships are very realistic reactions to the worry of getting old and undesirable. I like how the comic book characters got married and how Justin wants the relationship to be more serious. This is going for either the end of their relationship or stronger commitment.
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