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Episode 18 "Having a Ball" celebrating Clinton's inauguration
kevinolzak8 June 2010
Two episodes left, both with a 1993 copyright, yanked off the air by NBC, with this entry being the next one scheduled; fortunately, the USA Network came to the rescue, and audiences were able to enjoy what remained. Senator Powers and his wife are asked by President Clinton to join their motorcade touring the inaugural balls, and Caitlyn has to starve herself into a new dress from Rudolpho's (Theodore: "I don't trust a man that's named after a reindeer!"). Refused access to the family limousine, Jordan decides to go with her old boyfriend George (Stephanopoulos), and mentions that scene in "No Way Out," in the back of a limo, while a jealous Bill figures that "5 minutes out of "The Love Bug" would beat the devil out of that limo scene!" Everyone (even the President) remembers Charlotte's birthday, but Theodore forgets to bring his gift, later apologizing by telephone, which makes her feel better. Bradley is compelled to bicycle across D.C. taking pictures, until he gets run over by the Powers limousine (Bill: "I think we hit Bradley!" Margaret: "Bradley! Get out of the way!"). Awakening delirious in the limo, Bradley starts to hallucinate (Bradley: "I don't want to go to a topless bar, why can't we just go for a pizza, Father O'Malley!"). After spending an hour and a half trying to catch up with the President, they end up the last car in a funeral procession (Theodore: "Roland B.Schwartz, I read his obituary this morning, it was a big one, above the fold!" Jordan: "former head of the Republican National Committee, wasn't he?" Bill: "well why would they want to bury Schwartz on the night of the inauguration?" Theodore: "because he said, when there's a Democrat in the White House, you can put me in the ground!"). Margaret dejectedly sits in their living room at the end of the evening (Margaret: "maybe we could move to a small town somewhere...perhaps by a lake...you could go out and do some fishing, and I can just stay home and cry all day!" Bill: "sounds good!"). President Clinton cheers them up with a late phone call, informing them that Bill Powers was the one who inspired him to go into politics (the photo of Clinton meeting JFK is doctored to include John Forsythe!). Bill tells Margaret that when he told Clinton that he thought he should be like President Kennedy, he only meant that he should get a better haircut! This is the last episode in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Pierce is again absent, and the only one missing Robin Barlett's Sophie.
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