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  • A skydiver somehow lands safely without a parachute. A small boy is being terrorized by an entity that may or may not be real whenever he enters the kitchen.


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  • Freefall - A nervous Peter McGratten goes on his first skydive and his chutes fail. He falls to earth without them, but lands unharmed. With new found confidence in life, he jumps again, and without opening his chutes, again lands unharmed. Rollins, Donner, Constantine and team investigate, but are unable to replicate the phenomenon under normal test conditions. Rollins jumps from a plane with McGratten who takes off his chute mid-fall, and lands safely on his feet. The team's tests are inconclusive.

    Presence - There seems to be an invisible presence that destroys things in the Stansky home. Doyle, Axon and team investigate, monitoring the family. The family cat disappears, and the Stansky's young son has nightmares and sleepwalks. Eventually they discover a large python in the basement to be the cause of the destruction.

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