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A poignant domestic drama
searchanddestroy-121 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
One night, in a quiet residential district, a garbage can is put on fire because of a Molotov cocktail thrown into it, just front of a house where a couple lives. It also appears that a young boy lives with this couple; but is he really their son? Their real son? The police squad suspects something strange with this garbage can put on fire and stake the house out to find what's really going on. Is there a tie between the fire and the boy?

It appears that the boy is mind retarded child whom the ambitious father - because of his career - is ashamed of. And a poor little whose presence in the neighbourhood is not really wished because of his condition.

A nasty portrait of the human behaviour, even in a civilized country.

You have here the two future directors Ron Howard and Don Taylor, as father and son (?)

Directed by Wally Grauman, who seems to have been tied to this show.
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