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Elizabeth Ashley: Acting Teacher
sylviajean5 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The performance by Elizabeth Ashley as the alcoholic wife who may throw a monkey wrench into the IMF's plans for her husband's boss is a little gem and an acting lesson in itself. Her drunken enthusiasm for Jim actually wears off on the staid Peter Graves for a few silly lines that sound improvised. But the main display of her talent is the difference between her performance as the wife and her performance as Lisa playing the wife. Lynda Day George is not bad, but Ashley has her beat hollow. Early on, Lisa's left arm is injured. George never gives it another thought. But Ashley does not lose the injury. She doesn't overplay it, but every time she must use the arm a little pain shows. It is especially obvious in the final scene. Ashley-as-Lisa-as-the wife waves rather painfully to a departing car. Immediately after, George removes her "mask" with her left hand without any trouble. Good acting is all in the details, children, all in the details.
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Lisa Casey As An Alcoholic Wife
Desertman8416 July 2019
We get to see an interesting episode in "Encounter" wherein Lisa Casey is assigned to disguise herself as an undercover wife who happens to be an alcoholic to get vital information with regards to mob secrets from another organized crime group.She becomes Lois Stoner in this IMF operation.

Despite the issues in credibility particularly Lisa's masquerade considering that she and her husband becomes a mob hit,we get to see good performances from the cast that makes it both entertaining and watchable.
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