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Heir and botanist
bkoganbing19 September 2018
This Maverick episode has Jack Kelly running into Wynn Pearce on the desert who has two goals at the moment. Getting to a railroad board of directors in St.Louis on time to cast his vote against a hostile takeover against his father and getting a rare cactus species back to develop and propagate.

For once it's not a woman who tricks a Maverick. Pearce says he wants to travel incognito and wants Bart to be him. Lots of poker money is offered so Jack Kelly agrees.

What he doesn't tell him is that folks are more hostile than usual and might want to kill him. Meanwhile as a baggage boy Pearce finds a bit of romance with Pippa Scott, daughter of tycoon Edgar Buchanan.

So Bart is dodging bullets and all manner of hostility while Pearce enjoys some nookie. As the Good Lord intended.

Do I have to say more?
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I know it's fiction, but ...
sovereignslave2 March 2016
I always enjoy older television programming .. probably my way of ignoring the realities of change, and Maverick is one of my favorites. However, in this episode I could not help but notice a small prop inaccuracy. The botanist in the opening completely misidentified the cactus on display in the desert; it's not a Pachycereus. Pachycereus, meaning thick torch, is a genus of various cacti all of which have a similar characteristic .. tall singular stem. Some variations could be referred to as a bush, but that is a stretch of the word's meaning, a thick straight growing stem that has what could resemble upward growing arms, such as the Pringlei variety. But none of them look even close to the Prickly Pear identified in this episode as a Pachycereus. Nevertheless, this episode is one of the more inventive story lines. Worth watching.
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Easy Mark
jcolyer12291 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Bart comes across a Harvard man working on a paper about cacti. He ends up impersonating him, which naturally leads to trouble. People keep getting thrown off the train. Nonetheless, cactus man arrives in time to save his father's company. He takes control of the train and pilots it to its destination. The conductor turns out not to have the ethics we thought he did. This is a typical Maverick episode, a mix of humor and western drama. It is the pervasive humor that set Maverick apart from other westerns of its era. Jack Kelly had all the charm in the world! He and Nita Talbot make a hot couple. Pappyism: "Love and love alone will send a man soaring into the depths."
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