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Very interesting
vranger29 September 2017
In the next to last episode, the Mannix writers came up with a very interesting concept. A hit man makes a hit, and the body disappears. he can't get paid until he proves the target is dead, and he hires Mannix to prove the target is dead!

John Hillerman plays the hit man, and does a fine job. Still, you can't help but see Higgins. LOL

Hidden agendas and a stunning femme fatale make this a show not to miss.
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John Hillerman...hitman?!
MartinHafer24 September 2018
I like the casting of John Hillerman in this episode of "Mannix". He plays an assassin...and a cold and capable one...a far cry from his more patrician roles on "Magnum PI" and "A Very Brady Sequel".

The show begins with Norman Thompson (Hillerman) making a hit with a high powered rifle. However, although you see him make a head shot on his victim, later he's told that the man was NOT killed and was okay...and Thompson's employers are mad and seem like the sorts who might kill him because they think he failed. Oddly, to prove he was NOT mistaken, he approaches Mannix to find the body....but of course he won't tell Mannix he killed the guy. Instead, he pretends to be a nice guy who witnessed the shooting but doesn't know what to do because the body went missing. Will Mannix find the body AND will he realize that his client is a liar?

Having Mannix being hired by a lying client is nothing new. Heck, the previous episode ("Design for Dying") had such a plot. But fortunately, this one is a lot better (it couldn't be much worse)....and it all is about an Angel. Well worth seeing.
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