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Rita Gam: Dr. Ernestine Waldo


  • Colonel Alan DuPar : [interrogating the waiter who talked to Dr. Considine and Joe after Dr. Waldo left their hotel room]  The two Americans, where did they go?

    Room Service Waiter : How should I know?

    Colonel Alan DuPar : [slaps the waiter]  You're lying! We have information that you were the last person who in touch with them before they left that hotel. Now, where did you send them?

    Room Service Waiter : I brought them their lunch, that's all. I was their waiter.

    Colonel Alan DuPar : You mean their contact! Admit it!

    Room Service Waiter : I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a waiter, and that's all I am.

    Colonel Alan DuPar : When you're not working for the Victor Lucas movement! That's more like it, isn't it?

    [grabs the waiter by the shirt] 

    Colonel Alan DuPar : You're working for it, the two Americans are working for it. They leave you, they meet others, and all of them viciously attack government forces. You're all in it together.

    Room Service Waiter : I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a waiter. I told you that before.

    Colonel Alan DuPar : Take him downstairs. Make him talk. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE VICTOR LUCAS IS HIDING!

    [one of DuPar's guards leaves with the waiter] 

    Colonel Alan DuPar : The two Americans are connected with the movement. They must be.

    Dr. Ernestine Waldo : Yes, of course. But the vital question is, how? For what purpose?

    Colonel Alan DuPar : Well, we have means of knowing soon enough. He'll talk.

    Dr. Ernestine Waldo : Two of your best men lie dead in the morgue, a third critically wounded. I'm sure you're not simply waiting.

    Colonel Alan DuPar : Needless to say, a city-wide dragnet for the entire group is already underway.

    Dr. Ernestine Waldo : I would have thought nationwide.

    Colonel Alan DuPar : I'm extending it to that, of course.

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