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Too Much!
mitchrmp24 November 2013
I've never liked this episode. It's just a little too far-fetched and so un-Little House on the Prairie. The message of this show has always been to accept what is and thank God for what we have. In this episode, Charles is almost saying that God will make James better OR ELSE! I felt so sorry for the family who had to deal with this. When Little Cassandra started to cry - James' own flesh and blood - and beg Caroline to let her go away so she didn't have to watch James die, you know Charles has gone off.

Don't get me wrong. I am a strong Christian and I believe strongly in the miracles of Jesus Christ. But I think the message of God and His love could have been just as strong if we had watched the family accept James' condition and let him die. The message isn't true to life. Bad things happen and we just have to accept what is instead of hoping for what may never happen...I don't think they should have EVER stopped praying for his healing, but I think there comes a point when we have to say "Let Your will be done."

With all that said, this was supposed to be the final episode of Little House on the Prairie. Indeed, this is the last time we see James, Cassandra, and Carrie. Albert returns in a couple episodes in Season 9 as does Charles. Caroline and Albert appear in a made-for-television post movie. Due to popular demand, Little House was brought back for one final part-season. Because most of the regular Ingalls' cast moved on, it just wasn't the same as before. Laura and Almanzo did great, but they just weren't enough to keep the show alive.
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Alright Episode
Ech0642 September 2010
This is one of the episodes of Little House that I just cannot get sucked into. I mean, I know James was special to Charles, but how long has he known him, maybe just over a year? I can't make a connection to how Charles would literally lose his mind over James, if it was Albert then maybe, but not James. The religious scene at the end was over the top and did not feel like Little House at all, and even though it was a fine episode, it definitely should not have been the series finale (Little House: A New Beginning came after).

I love Little House on the Prairie a lot, but this episode is just too out there for me to enjoy.
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Pray Like You've Never Prayed Before!
ExplorerDS678930 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Previously on Little House, James was shot, Charles went out with Albert and Edwards to find the crooks. They beat the hell out of them and turned them in. Now, James lay in a coma, having survived the operation but still unresponsive. Doc Baker dropped in on him twice a week at Charles' insistence, but the doctor knew the case was hopeless and tried to tell Charles, who would have none of it and told Baker to get lost. It seemed the Ingalls patriarch was in dire need of a miracle, so he goes to the church and prays nightly. Finally, Reverend Alden notices and as they discuss miracles, the reverend admits to having never seen one. But Charles knows they somehow exists and despite Alden's protests, telling Charles to let it go and trust the doctors, he was going to put all of his trust in the Almighty, because he knew a miracle was in the works. Reverend Alden offered to help him pray, but this was between Charles and God, as he put it. At home, poor Cassandra was effected the most over James and all Charles' talk about miracles and such didn't help her none. Even Caroline was becoming fed up with all of Charles' philosophies, so the only thing left to do was go out with James and find that dad-blamed miracle where it may be. So after selling his father's watch to kindly Nels, who gave him $50 for it, Charles set off with his ailing son. Was this trip in vain, or is there really a miracle in them thar hills? We shall see.

The ride was long and bumpy, but James never complained once. They arrived out in the wilderness, where he read from Exodus 20:25 and followed suit, building a stone altar. By the time it was finished and the cross was mounted upon it, Charles had grown a fake beard. James was conscious to a certain degree. He could open his eyes, but still couldn't speak or move and wasn't entirely aware of where he was. But Charles wouldn't give up, he prayed day and night at his altar. One morning, he was joined by a kindly old man classified as Old Man. He stayed a bit, complimented Charles on the altar and then vanished into thin air...wow; Edwards located his friend and tried to reason with him, but Charles would not budge. So, was he getting a sign? Was this a holy place, or was Charles just losing it? Maybe all of the above. Edwards prepared to set out that night with Caroline, despite their being a storm, to try and persuade Charles to come home, when the Old Man appears out of nowhere and warns him against it, then he disappears along with the storm...I'd do as he says, Isaiah; Old Man reappears with Charles and tells him to take James to the altar. Quick as a flash, it was struck by lightning. When Charles came to, James was completely recovered. It was a miracle! So, James and Charles were reunited with the family, faith strong as ever. This proves one thing: miracles do happen, you just gotta know where to find them.

I have to say, I think I enjoyed Part 1 of this episode better than Part 2. It just felt the plot was just stretched out further than it needed to be. This could have been a one part episode, and it comes across as a rehash of "The Lord is My Shepherd: Part 2", which also didn't really need to be in two parts, in my opinion. It's just drawn out and the plot made little to no sense. But regardless, Michael Landon and Victor French were fantastic as always. Don Beddoe was great as Old Man, sorry he couldn't have a name, and it's unclear as to why he's there and who he is in the first place. But anyway... this episode marks the final appearances of the following: James, Cassandra, Carrie, Grace, and Caroline, although she reappears in the made-for-TV movies following the finale. This is also the last regular episode before the show became Little House: A New Beginning; My overall rating of "He Was Only Twelve: Part 2": not bad, worth seeing, especially if you saw Part 1.
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whaleshark-226205 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If I had to use one word to describe part 2, I would say uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed part 1 - and not just because Albert was in it :D - and felt that it was true to the series. However part 2 was just weird- I mean, taking a comatose kid out in the forest and building an altar? It felt very unlike Charles's character to be so irrational. This was fine however, and I eagerly awaited the ending. It did not improve. The altar was struck by lightning "by god" and James is cured? Little House has always been decently realistic- with some thematic elements to make good TV. But this episode was whack and felt as though it had been sponsored by a Church Group. This is especially disappointing as it was the Season Finale and I believe the last time we see James and some of the other kids on the show?. In conclusion, despite my love for LHOTP, this episode was a let down.
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When Little House jumped the shark
morrataxco23 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What a shame that this weird, out-of-character Charles is the last we see of him in the regular setting.

James is still in a coma and so Charles, literally mad with grief, I suppose, takes the lad off on a journey convinced only he can cure him. He builds a strange stone altar convinced that this is the only way. What? The stoical, practical Charles Ingalls behaving in such a way? He can be very stubborn but dragging the boy away from Caroline and Cassandra? Not being brought to his senses by Caroline as usual? He is God-fearing but would never worship false prophets.

How can this episode possibly end? By the appearance of "God" as an aged traveller and James being cured of course! But not before I wondered whether "God" was going to ask Charles to sacrifice James like Abraham and Isaac!

I spent this and the previous episode convinced James was going to die as the title is "was only twelve" i.e. the past tense. I was relieved he survived but what a strange and anticlimactic way to end the show.
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He was only twelve part 2
babyblue0400228 July 2006
James survived the operation after getting shot in a bank robbery yet is in a coma. Charles is convinced that James will come out of the coma even though everyone else doubts it, Charles also thinks James can understand him even though doc backer told him its not possible. Charles ends up taking James out to the woods to go camping to maybe help him come out of the coma where Charles finds out that James can understand him when he said "James look at me" which resulted in James moving his eyes toward Charles and smile a bit, but he cannot move or talk. Charles is reading the bible to James when he comes across a part of it where it says "Thou shall not build me a shrine out of silver nor gold, but a shrine of stones" So Charles builds the stone shrine prays and hopes and ends up getting the miracle he hoped for.
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A far cry from the pilot!
sarahnader10 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"If I had a remembrance book," this episode would be omitted. It's clear that writer/director Michael Landon has reached the peak of his sanctimonious antics here. I must admit I was hoping for James to die (sorry, Jason Bateman) just so Charles would be wrong! That would have been a true plot twist. The Old Man (aka Moses- complete with staff and robe) was so hokey. If ever a character had a Messiah complex, it's Charles Ingalls. What would Walnut Grove have done without him as their moral compass?!? Wait, isn't Laura supposed to be the star here? Only her voice makes it into the finale. Not cool.

Anyway, 3 stars because it was well acted and Charles' fake beard actually made him look handsome. Other than that you'll likely be disappointed.
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Loved it!!
simbatopcat28 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care what anyone has to say, this is one of my favorites! SPOILER miracles do happen anyone who says they don't haven't seen one the same thing happened to my cousin his father went everyday to see and talk to him guess what he recovered! Also get your tissues out, Michael Landon was a genius and I can only wish we had someone today with half of his talent!
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Summary for Little House on the Prairie He was only Twelve
jblondale28 October 2014
I loved this episode!! It is something that I can really relate to with my son. It seemed as if Charles had to trust God with everything he had. He had to ignore the unbelief of all of those around him. He was strong enough to stand alone. I was moved by how he solely trusted in his creator. I personally think this is a great finale. This episode is one of his finest because it displays continued perseverance and love. People need to see a man of integrity and faith who cares with his whole heart and actually believes that God is mighty to save. Cried all the way through since I have experienced this standing in faith for 5 years and it spoke volumes to my heart. That's why I loved this episode.
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What Faith Can Do
theresahenderson-4094311 August 2017
I loved this episode. Although it was a TV drama, I believe that if a person has the faith, and God's will, miracles can happen. I have seen this episode a few times and cry every time. God is not just a symbol of faith, but is real and hears/answers our prayers when we earnestly seek him.
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