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  • Bent sees a way to make his foreman days pay off. With his boss dead and a POA in his hand he decides to remove those from what is for now his land. Dan tries to prevent that but his hands are legally tied unless he can find an heir.

  • With his boss ill with pneumonia, Bent Carr helps him to die by uncovering him and opening a window during cold weather. Unknown to Bent, cowhand Stape saw him do it. The owner allowed homesteaders to squat on boggy bottom land with plans to turn the land over to them. Bent who detests homesteaders has been given power of attorney to handle the ranch until the son returns to take control. Bent has eviction papers served on all the squatters. However, Stape has eyes for Molly Prentice the daughter of a homesteader. When Stape nearly gives away what Bent did to Molly, Bent kills him. Troop suspects Bent and tells him Stape is not dead forcing Bent to try to kill Stape. The son and his wife have died leaving the ranch to a young daughter who agrees to give the land to the homesteaders.


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  • A sick elderly rancher is murdered by his ranch foreman, who then takes over the ranch until the dead rancher's nephew returns from overseas. The murderer pushes hard to evict settlers on the ranch that were allowed to stay there by the dead man. All the while, the murdered is being blackmailed by another ranch hand who witnessed the killing.

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