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  • France 1944 and in a secret camp men prepare for a daring mission. The unusual thing is that they are German soldiers who will masquerade as U.S. troops in order to cause confusion and buy time for a last gasp German Offensive. Later,five U.S. G.I.'s travel toward the front lines and begin to suspect each other of being a German infiltrator.



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  • As WWII was coming to an end, American forces in Europe were faced with an unexpected threat; German solders posing as Americans. During this dangerous time, a sorted group of GI's (including Claude Atkins & Robert Goulet) is trying to get back to their respective outfits, but begin to suspect one of them is the enemy. Along the way they encounter a farm, where they are given food and shelter by the farmer, his wife, and daughter (Claudine Longet). Unfortunately, the farmers daughter discovers who the German is, and confronts him, which seals her fate. It takes a coincidence to give one of the Americans a chance to prevent the German from carrying out his diabolical mission, but is it too late? As seen on Retro Television Network, June 2009.

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