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The one Ross is ''dead''
Lady_Targaryen11 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ross tells Chandler about the new alumni website for College,'' where they can post messages for people and let everyone know what you are up to''. He tells Chandler about the news of their ex colleagues, and when he lets his notebook alone, Chandler starts to make pranks with Ross' profile. He writes a funny message saying Ross cloned a dinosaur and that she is his lover, and Joey, upset when Ross complains with him, sends the message. Later,Ross argue with Chandler about the message, and they start competing with each other to who mocks the other the most. Chandler tells everyone that Ross is dead, and Ross tells everybody that Chandler is gay.

Joey doesn't like when he sees Emma taking his stuffed animal Hugsy, and stays jealous to lend him to her.

Phoebe is having problems to deal with the fact that she and Mike are now separated. She asks Monica to help her, because she doesn't want to fall in temptation to call him.
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The One with the Memorial Service
ComedyFan201011 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The Ross story in this episode is absolutely great. I like it how him and Chandler find alumni page of their university and make silly jokes about each other. It is pretty funny how Ross wanted a memorial service for himself to see how many people cared about him. And the ending was even better, how happy he was that that girl had a crush on him that he didn't even care that he thought he is sick after all that

The Joey and Hugsy story was just too cute, I am glad he got his penguin back!

And it was also great how Monica was trying to keep Mike and Phoebe apart. As well as when his friends with the same assignment comes by
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My 1st 'Friends' episode
studioAT11 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was the first episode of 'Friends' I ever watched, so I always have an extra affinity towards it.

And actually it's not a bad episode. Yes, the Chandler/Ross story is a bit morbid and a bit silly, but its not all bad. I like the fact that in the first scene where Chandler types "she is now my girlfriend" you can see that Matthew Perry is trying not to laugh.

The Joey/Rachel story line is standard sitcom stuff, but well performed, and there was also a lot to like in the third story where Monica tried to keep Phoebe and Mike apart.

A good episode.
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