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lots of manipulation in this episode, that was nice.
mikeholmes-4801219 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Fantasy island review #4. enjoyed this one. First story line is this sports nut that wants to own a sports team, preferably the Steelers. he ends up with a roller derby team. The guy had a Yankee hat but was from Seattle. What ? an out of state Yankee fan. He's played by this guy that had me puzzled that i remember him from somewhere. Barney miller , happy days, some starsky and hutch crime show i never watched, i had no idea. My best guess was laverne and Shirley (though i was 3 when i watched it with very little recollection other than making my hair look like Squiggys in the bathtub.) any how it was a interesting story. it starts off great with his super ugly 70's cheap jacket with baseball team patches of varying sizes all over the front. why were some teams bigger than others? i dint see a Mariners one (hes from Seattle) did they exist then? who knows. Things that bothered me in this part was it shows Roarke being Manipulative (which ties in to the other story line), he becomes a manager owner and whats he do, he has tattoo as a side kick in the locker room. that gets you nowhere, almost as much as letting that chic get away with punching him in the gut the first day (who i think becomes his Love interest.). You don't want to be too much of a nice coach, sometimes you got to be a hard ass.But who the hell knows, i root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tattoo as a play by play announcer was horrible, were we supposed to not understand a word he said? (i can never usually). Lastly we see him leave with the one roller derby girl. I still wonder about this every episode, if he goes home with her, wheres she stay? thats like an instant serious relationship. have fun with that.

THe other story line is okay. It had the wiener president from Benson and that actor that looks like Donnas dad from "That 70s' show". THey were in a contest to see who can unwittingly be the most honorable person by doing good deeds for a million bucks from a secret benefactor. Spoiler alert, if you figured the Limo was a decoy, you are brilliant. So it was revealed early but the benefactor is one of the guys who are in the running for the million dollars. Pretty smart of that guy and i think thats where Jigsaw got his idea for the first Saw movie where he played a corpse to monitor the two guys locked up in that bathroom. So at the dinner with Rourke and the Benefactor, Mr Furtelli look alike, Rourke says there is good in people even when money is involved and the other guy says he s a fool and people will resort to greediness and what not. I totally agreed with the guy and felt bad rooting against rourke. But at the end they say the lady who was really nice was one in a million, which left me questioning who picked these contestants? In Saw II they pick the people to be trapped in the house as total losers and d-bags. If Mr Furtelli just got an average person he'd probably have won.

So anyhow , nice episode. i enjoyed it.
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