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  • Andy and Maggie are this time working on an action movie starring Samuel L Jackson. Andy finds himself cornered into a friendship with an incredibly over-friendly middle-aged Welshman also working on the set. Maggie finds herself attracted to black actor Danny on set, but isn't sure how to talk to him because of his race.


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  • Extras Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs (Ricky Gervais and Ashley Jensen) are on the set of a major film with Samuel L. Jackson. They're playing background security guards.

    Maggie thinks an actor with a minor part is attractive and tries to flirt with him while Andy smiles in the background at her awkwardness.

    Andy doesn't want to make friends with anyone on set, but another extra, an older, bald man (Steve Speirs), catches his eye and forces conversation on Andy. He does Andy a favor by suggesting Andy take a speaking line that could have gone to him. Andy thanks him, and the man wants Andy to take him out one night to make up for it.

    Maggie and Andy try to eat with the major actors but the driver-guard won't let them in and they eat with the extras.

    The bald man corners Andy and tells him a depressing story about a blind friend. He pressures Andy to take him out to dinner. Andy tries quite hard to get out of it.

    Maggie talks with the handsome extra, Dan (Michael Wildman). Dan is black and Maggie is particularly nervous and puts her foot in her mouth about black actors. She makes a hasty retreat.

    At lunch with Andy, Maggie tells him Dan is going to think she's a racist even though she's not. Andy teases her by giving her "the racism test" which she thinks is real and she fails. "Who would you rather have waiting for you at home, Johnny Depp or OJ Simpson?" Nonetheless, she asks Dan out and he says yes.

    Walking home, Maggie and Andy are greeted by the sad bald actor. They try to lose him by saying they're going to a cemetery but it doesn't work as he insists on going. When he figures out that Maggie and Andy are trying to trick him, Andy relents and agrees to do out to dinner with him.

    It's a depressing dinner in a restaurant as the bald man talks about his cheating ex-wife. Andy is miserable.

    Maggie is having a romantic fun time with Dan at a bar and then at her apartment. While they're talking on the sofa, she spots on her shelf her "golliwog" toy, which is a black-face-type rag doll. She tries to hide it but Dan catches her and she babbles in her nervousness. Dan notes how uncomfortable she is and leaves but he's very kind about it and says they can do something next week. Maggie is mortified.

    At his dinner, Andy continues to be miserable. He tells his dinner mate he's too depressed to stay and puts his face in his soup out of his misery and absurdity before leaving.

    On set, Andy and Maggie share their mortifying nights. When she sees Dan, she tries to apologize but only makes it worse when she mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne. They have to leave the set and Andy doesn't get a chance to speak his line in the film.

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