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The Shadow Son
Hitchcoc26 March 2017
Another intriguing episode continues the trek toward the Xindi council. Archer has been told that there is a corridor that will cause them to cut light years off their trip. As they approach in their distressed state, they meet another Enterprise. This is inhabited by their descendants. It seems that when Enterprise went through the corridor, they stepped into a time warp and went be 170 years. They actually set themselves and others. Apparently, they were stuck on the ship and a culture developed there. For example, the Captain of this ship is the son of Trip and T'Pol. They work together and that's where we are as we approach the last couple offerings.
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Enterprise times two...
MartinHafer10 April 2015
When the Enterprise enters the expanse in order to make it to the Xindi Council meeting with Degra, something weird happens...they meet Enterprise! Yes, another version of their own ship--but this one apparently had been knocked over a hundred years back in time and the crew consists of descendants of the original crew! At first, the two Enterprises work together to try to undo the mistake that originally sent them back in time. However, there is a problem--Commander Lorian on the alternate Enterprise is a real butt-head and thinks he knows everything! In fact, instead of helping the other Enterprise, he's considering betraying them!

This is a very interesting episode--one that is well worth seeing. What I particularly like was seeing T'Pol meeting...T'Pol! Overall, it's well written and well done.
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A Look Into a Future That Will Never Occur
Samuel-Shovel13 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In "E²", the Enterprise is preparing to go through a subspace corridor in order to rendezvous with Degra so they can approach the Council with Archer's evidence. As they prepare for their journey, the Enterprise shows up. Turns out the corridor is destined to take them back in time and it is the crew's descendants coming to warn them of future events. They must think of another plan to save Earth successfully. The presence of 2 Enterprises allows many of the crew to learn their fate in this timeline, to varying degrees of satisfaction regarding their futures.

This episode hurts my brain. The fact that this season takes place in the Expanse (which doesn't abide by the normal laws of gravity, time, etc.) allows the writers a bit of free reign regarding normal plot holes and time paradoxes. They can just blame it all on the Expanse; on one hand it's a bit annoying but on the other it's cool that they can think outside the box a bit.

Taking all that into consideration, I kind of liked this episode. I enjoyed how every character got to see their futures and how some seem to be planning on changing their outlook because of it (i.e. Reed or T'Pol). I also thought Blalock did an admirable job portraying T'Pol as an elderly Vulcan. it was smart of the director to leave her in a dark room so we couldn't really see the terrible prosthetics and makeup job I'm assuming they used for this character.

We also got to further the plot more by arriving at Degra's meeting place, an added bonus. So, what did happen to the other Enterprise? Were they destroyed? Did they fade away like a Back to the Future movie? I liked that we never find out for sure.
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Meeting the Future
claudio_carvalho4 March 2008
The Enterprise needs to cross a subspace corridor protected by the hostiles Kavalans to arrive on time to the meeting with the Xindi council scheduled by Degra. However, the ship is surprisingly stopped by another Enterprise from the future with the descendants of the original crew-members. Lorian, the captain and son of Trip and T'Pol, explains that the original Enterprise was sent one hundred and seventeen years back in time while escaping from the Kavalans through the corridor, and they want to help the Enterprise to succeed and accomplish her mission at any cost.

"E2" is a flawed episode, where the only explanation for the holes in the screenplay is the Expanse, where the laws of physics and time are different. T'Pol alive and the duplicate Enterprise together with the original T'Pol and Enterprise are absolutely incoherent and I did not like this unnecessary and forgettable episode. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Enterprise 2"
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