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David Andrews: Lorian


  • Lorian : I wasn't raised with the same inhibitions most Vulcans have. My Human side has allowed me to find a balance between emotion and logic. I've even been known to tell a joke on occasion.

  • Lorian : [to T'Pol]  You've hardly changed, Mother.

  • Lorian : [to Tucker]  You were a good father... It's strange, being able to tell you that.

  • Lorian : You don't know what it's like, living with the responsibility. Millions of people are dead because of me.

    Captain Jonathan Archer : I'm sure your crew did everything they could to stop the probe.

    Lorian : I could have destroyed it! Years ago, I... I swore to my Captain on his death bed, I'd save those seven million lives. You were the man I made that promise to.

  • Lorian : I won't let my emotions get in the way again. I will not let Earth be destroyed.

  • Lorian : There's no alternative. You'll be thrown into the past if you try to use the corridor.

    Captain Jonathan Archer : I've got two T'Pols who'd disagree with you.

  • Karyn Archer : We can't do this.

    Lorian : There's too much at stake.

    Karyn Archer : These people are family. I'm not going to let you kill them.

  • Captain Jonathan Archer : You almost crippled us. My mission would've been over.

    Lorian : Your mission *is* over, Captain. You just won't accept it. I took the only logical course of action.

    Captain Jonathan Archer : Attacking your ancestors doesn't sound very logical to me.

  • Lorian : [to Archer, of the Kovaalans]  They must've been surprised when your reflection turned and attacked them.

  • Lorian : [before present Enterprise enters the subspace corridor]  Tell my parents that I'll see them soon.

  • Old T'Pol : You're allowing your Human side to get the better of you.

    Lorian : You know nothing about being Human.

    Old T'Pol : I know that for them, guilt can be a powerful motivator. Don't let it cloud your judgment.

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