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At sea with the sea monster
TheLittleSongbird27 November 2018
Regularly watching animation was, has always been, a significant thing in my life, succeeding all the time in cheering me up after many hard days. Have always loved it with a passion, Disney and Looney Tunes especially. As a young adult, love and appreciate it even more now due to my knowledge of it, various characters, directors, styles and studios being broader.

Will always remember 'Ducktales' with immense fondness. Loved it as a child, still love it as a young adult and actually even more so with getting more out of the writing, getting the jokes and references more and generally finding the show funnier. It was a personal favourite from a young age that has held up very well (not all my childhood favourites have, just in case one is wondering that this is nostalgia talking). Like many favourites re-visited recently as a young adult 'DuckTales' is even more entertaining through adult eyes from appreciating the writing and stories more.

After such a wonderful four-parter in "Catch as Cash Can", while still very good, "Merit-Time Adventure" was a slight disappointment. Not an awful lot wrong with it, other than other than Pete the supporting characters are not that memorable, or that was the case with me.

'Ducktales' animation quality has seldom been an issue and that's still the case here. Like the previous parts, it is very vibrant, fluidly drawn and the attention to detail in the backgrounds is also note-worthy. Can say nothing wrong about the music, the score is dynamic, beautifully orchestrated, never jarring with the action and full of energy. The theme song is both irresistible and unforgettable, Disney shows in the late 80s all the way through the 90s were very good at this.

Throughout "Merit-Time Adventure" the writing, like 'Ducktales' in general, is even smarter, even more intelligent and even funnier as an adult. Part of this is due to understanding and appreciating the references, which came over as very funny and brilliantly timed when a child but easier to get and notice as an adult. Have found the same experience re-visiting other favourites like 'Animaniacs', 'Pinky and the Brain' and 'Tiny Toon Adventures'. The dialogue continues to be hilarious, quotable and surprisingly fresh by today's standards, also surprisingly thought-provoking.

"Merit-Time Adventure" excels in the storytelling too. Not the most inventive stories of 'Ducktales', but it avoids being predictable or repetitive, also not taking too long to get started or to the point. It is immensely entertaining to watch, has thrills and energy aplenty, is never dull and has emotional investment while the conflict has tension.

Love the characters. Scrooge is one of those characters that does live up to his name at first but the character is still interesting and likeable with lines that never fail to be either thought-provoking, funny or both. Love how amusing Launchpad is and a great job is done giving Huey, Dewey and Louie distinct personalities from each other, meaning you can tell them apart. Pete is an adversary that's both fun and formidable.

Voice acting is fabulous. Alan Young is without equal as Scrooge, he is a big reason why Scrooge works so well as a character. Terence McGovern is still great value, can say the same about him for Launchpad as has been said for Young as Scrooge. Russi Taylor shows no signs of being over-parted in the most roles to fill, and Will Ryan has tremendous fun as Pete (as far as Pete's voice actors go, the most famous one being Jim Cummings, Ryan is fairly underrated).

Summarising, very good episode but not a 'Ducktales' high point. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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