Larry Ward: Marshal Frank Ragan


  • Deputy J.D. Smith : What do you want to do now, Frank?

    Marshal Frank Ragan : Del made the play. We'll see it through. Give them their thirty minutes.

    Deputy Del Stark : He was wrong, JD.

    Deputy J.D. Smith : What makes you so sure? They still got two hostages.

    Deputy Del Stark : Two live hostages.

    Deputy J.D. Smith : Hmm, for a while.

    Deputy Del Stark : I won't buy that. There isn't any reason for the Bartons to kill them now.

    Deputy J.D. Smith : That was Clarence and Jim Barton. What makes you think men like that need a reason, huh?

  • Deputy Del Stark : I wanted to kill 'em and I didn't care how. And what's worse, I didn't care where. And that's what I've come to, marshal. Can you tell me where I've got left to go?

    Marshal Frank Ragan : You go back out and patrol the territory and try not to make the same mistake again.

    Deputy Del Stark : I won't make the same mistake again, because I'm through! With the badge, and the gun, and everything that goes with it!

    Marshal Frank Ragan : And with self pity?

  • Pat Gilroy : Hello, Marshal. I have the story here, but not the name. Who's it going to be, Stark or Smith? They're both only five letters. Marshal, I know the Governor's on his way to the capitol, but I could intercept him with a telegram. Now you make me ask him for the name, it's liable to come back R-a-g-a-n.

    Marshal Frank Ragan : Now you hear me, Gilroy...

    Pat Gilroy : Let go of me!

    Marshal Frank Ragan : I'm goin' say this one time only: I believe in free speech, and a free press...

    Pat Gilroy : I said let go of me!

    Marshal Frank Ragan : But you set one line of type or so much as one word about any of my men, before I give you the go-ahead, I'll teach you a freedom you never even heard of. I'll come back and free that head of yours from that scrawny neck.

  • Marshal Frank Ragan : Alright. I'll go as far as the edge of town with you.

    Deputy Del Stark : Why don't you come all the way?

    Marshal Frank Ragan : I've wanted to, many times. But if we all throw away our badges, the Barton's wouldn't just cease to exist. They'd multiply, like disease, 'til they'd infected all of us.

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