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The Price of Honor
claudio_carvalho19 September 2017
The loathed and selfish Private Mason is hated by Saunders' squad except the youngster Laslo that worships him. When Saunders and the squad are assigned for a recon patrol, they are trapped by a German machine gun nest. They seek protection, but Mason is wounded in open field and the Germans let him alive to be used as bait. Saunders tries unsuccessfully to rescue Mason and decides to retreat with the squad. However Laslo conflicts over Saunders command creating a difficult situation to the squad.

"The Glory Among Men" is one of the most dramatic episodes of "Combat!". Directed by Vic Morrow, the show is full of feelings and action and certainly one of the best. The conclusion with no redemption or gratitude is perfect for the story. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Glória entre os Homens" ("The Glory among Men")
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Superb Directing by Vic Morrow
jmarchese10 July 2014
The Glory Among Men is a story about whether or not it's worth risking extra lives to save one. One of the squad's more undesirable men Mason (played by Eddie Ryder,) is wounded and pinned down after the squad is ambushed. To save him is to commit suicide; but in our compassionate way we try anyway.

Vic Morrow directed a superb episode here and I liked his using music from some of the old half hour westerns to denote extreme danger scenes. I even detected some music used in the old Sea Hunt series from the mid 1950's as well. If I did not know it was Vic Morrow, I would have guessed Bernie McEveety directed this. There's a lot of fire fight throughout, the essence of Combat. And the night scenes are terrific lighting up the battleground.

Character development is excellent with Peter Helm, Eddie Ryder, and Bernard Kates as Laslo, Mason, and Hacker respectively. Without their strong performances, the episode would not have been successful.

Laslo puts on a fine performance as a young irrational GI while Mason is excellent as the whining, wounded bait.

Hacker and Bauer (played by Paul Busch) have a great scene denoting why the Americans refer to the Germans as doves sometimes during radio communication.

Saunders, Kirby, Caje, Littlejohn, and Doc put together the game plan based on what they think the Germans are least expecting. And I must admit I would agree with their foregoing logic and plan.

Great episode !!
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Brotherly... love
denmat502 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Finished season 2 of Combat last night. I have to say it was a truly spectacular season (by the way... remember when television seasons were 30 or more episodes long and each episode ran over 50 minutes??? Yeah... thank you, 1960s!!). While many, many episodes of Combat are worthy of praise, this finale ("The Glory Among Men" skillfully directed by Vic Morrow) was really something to behold. White Rook is pinned down by nazi snipers - and between these two factions, utterly exposed, is a severely wounded American soldier (a replacement, Private Mason who is justifiably loathed by his company for being a TOTAL WORLD CLASS JERK). The final hour of season 2 explores our individual struggle to rise above animosity and pettiness and find our capacity for brotherhood. The nazi's find fortune in their laps with the realization that they can lure our boys to certain death in Mason's rescue. Two soldiers, with polar opposite motives, die horribly in their attempts to reach Mason. Tension mounts as the body count rises and our pathetic soldier, looming in the crosshairs, moans with increasing agony, hour after merciless hour. Indeed, he begs for his own men to end his suffering - to shoot him dead. And while the looming option of leaving this situation (ultimately, a strategic "lost cause") was always on the table... something inside their souls wouldn't let any member of White Rook leave this, otherwise despised, "brother-in-arms" to perish. The writers COULD so easily have given us a story of redemption - where, in his hour of need, Mason genuinely begs for and gets our sympathy as his certain death nears. Instead, the story soars with Mason's ridiculously bitter admonitions at his distant rescuer's supposed hatred for him. By the final act, Morrow creates a brilliant conflict within an atmosphere so desperate we (the exhausted audience) can only surrender to Saunders' last-ditch effort to resolve the stalemate. In the 60 hours of Combat I've watched to this point, I've seen many exciting and pivotal risks that Saunders has taken when the odds were... well, 'impossible' (Captain Kirk's "risk" speech suddenly comes to mind // ..."that's why we're ABOARD her.....!!") but this one pretty much tops them all. The assault and rescue is do or die for White Rook... literally, a Hail Mary for each of their lives. The nazi's are obliterated; Kirby, Caje, Doc, and LittleJohn finally reach Mason who has been tangled up and dying in the arms of a lifeless tree. There is no gratitude for his rescue; Mason bites them down HARD for their sluggish rescue and selfishness while he, over the many hours, suffered. The final moments of "The Glory Among Men," however, are absolute greatness with the gel of outstanding writing, acting, direction, and production that are ultimately there to achieve....... a story about good soldiers and great men who've found that TOGETHER; before, during, and after the heat of their battles, are more.. much, much more a band of brothers than they could have ever realized
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Combat Stands Up After All These Years
I watched this episode as a youngster and have never forgotten it. I thought that when I revisited it over 50 years on that it might disappoint. How wrong I was. This episode and all the other episodes of Combat stand up as tough and real as anything made since and that includes films like "Saving Private Ryan". The cinematography and acting are first class. Vic Morrow's Sgt Saunders goes way beyond clichéd war hero fare and his direction of this episode is spot on. The seemingly simple scenario is used as a means of character revelation and development. Men who hate a fellow squad member risk their lives to rescue him. The episode is tight and tense - move and counter move - with the denouement uncertain. Yes, we believe that the squad will rescue a wounded member but how? By the way, the opening credits and theme music still pack a real punch.
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Vic Morrow At the Directing Chair!
ShelbyTMItchell10 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Had Vic sticked with directing then he would had made one heck of a director with this episode about the King's Company really that do not like one man named Mason.

Mason is arrogant and just rubs everybody the wrong way. And after a fight with Caje to get Mason to shut up. The team must go out on patrol but what should had been a pretty easy ride to say the least. Turns out that Mason is caught between the lines of the enemy aka the Kruats.

As Saunders and the men either have to decide to either leave him there and get help for him later or to wait it out. And to rescue him. As won't give you the ending.

It is hard to try to rescue a jerk like Mason who really needed to get his just desserts. But in the end, being the man Saunders is. They have to overlook that to complete the mission.
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