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  • Woody embarks on his new life as City Councilman. Norm embarks on his new life as civil servant as Woody pulled some strings to get him an accounting job at City Hall. And Rebecca and Sam embark on their new relationships... possibly. Don asks Rebecca to marry him. Will her regular "I've got to marry a rich man" impulse makes her say no? And after seeing her win an ACE Cable Award on television, Sam makes the decision to get in touch with Diane. Sam lies to her about how happy he is in his life, and he suspects that she too is lying about how happy her married life is. But only a visit by Diane to Boston may make both realize what they want in life, which specifically for Sam can be summed up by a comment from Norm: "You can never be unfaithful to your one true love". Cheers.



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  • While watching an awards show on the bar's television, the gang are surprised to see Diane appear on the show as a nominee and eventual winner. Sam sends a telegram to her regarding her win, and is surprised when Diane shows up with a man she claims is her husband.

    Not wanting to appear one-upped, Sam quickly grabs Rebecca, under the ruse that they are married. However, over lunch at Melville's, the two are exposed when Rebecca's boyfriend finds her and proposes to her, and Diane's 'husband' turns out to be part of union couple.

    Having both been exposed, Diane then explains to Sam why she never returned all those years ago, when she promised to return in 6 months to the bar.

    The next day, numerous things take effect in the bar: -Woody is elected to City Councilman -Norm is able to get a job with the City through Woody's connections -Rebecca and her boyfriend have gotten married

    The festivities take an unexpected turn when everyone realizes that Sam and Diane are nowhere to be found, and then appear claiming to be back together. Sam intends to return with Diane to California, but those in the bar feel that this is a bad idea. Sam angrily retorts to their concerns, and leaves with Diane.

    However, on the plane, both Sam and Diane realize they are making a mistake, and Sam gets off. Returning to the bar, Sam makes amends and the group celebrates his return with some cuban cigars, before Sam shuts down the bar for the evening.

    As thy sit around, Rebecca stops by one last time and bits the group farewell, before the group then tries to tackle the age-old question: "What is the meaning of life?"

    Almost everyone has their own opinions: Carla tells about becoming a parent and having children, while Cliff believes it to be comfortable shoes.

    Eventually, the lateness of the hour is upon them all, and everyone prepares to leave, except for Norm, who stays behind and has a private word with Sam. Norm insists that he knew Sam would come back. As he leaves, he mentions the phrase, "You always come back to your one true love." Sam admits he has no idea what that means, before Norm closes the door on the bar, wishing him luck figuring it out.

    With that, Sam looks over the bar, straightens a picture in the corner, before heading into the backroom of the bar.

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