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Lecherous Ben after girl half his age...embarrassing episode.
rixrex3 November 2015
In an episode written before the departure of Pernell Roberts, but filmed afterwards, and which was specifically for Adam to discover a love interest in a girl eventually accused of witchcraft. Instead we get Lorne Greene as Ben lecherously taking over the role.

It's a pretty sad thing to see him leering at the young lady, and creating situations where he can be alone with her, up to the point of trying to get her to stay in his house after a dinner drink when a boy in her travel group calls for her to return, as people in her group are ill and need her.

The dialog would have fit a thirty something like Adam just fine or even Hoss or Little Joe, but it's just out of character for Ben and makes the program an embarrassment. I suppose Lorne Greene wanted the chance to show he was still full of vitality, or something.
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Flat Earthers
bkoganbing23 May 2016
This time it's Lorne Greene doing a bit of romancing in this Bonanza story with Ina Balin who is traveling with a bunch of Holy Rollers on a small wagon train to California. She's a doctor's widow who is also the brother-in-law of the head roller John Doucette. Doucette's wife Adrienne Marden is an even worse case of arrested development.

This particular Bonanza story went a way over the top as these religious folks become caricatures. Granted that a lot of these people are real backward, but objecting to Balin teaching the little ones that the earth is still flat was a bit much for the 19th century American west.

On the plus side are compelling portrayals by Doucette and Marden of religious fanaticism. These two would be leading the American Family Association today. But even they haven't repudiated the round earth.
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